“Awesome” And “Electrifying” New WWE ’12 Screenshots Released

Following the blockbuster announcement that The Rock will be in WWE ’12, some new screenshots have been released.

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bacrec12575d ago

Played it @ E3, its improved so much this time around its foolish.

MSpence5162575d ago

I just can't bring myself to buy any more wrestling games.

I can't afford to break controllers like I did back when I was playing Wrestlemania 2000 and No Mercy.

So many good times and so many frustrating ones...

KingZFlipper2575d ago

Thank god they made The Rock bald

49erguy2573d ago

? No attitude era fan has EVER said that, so I'm assuming you're a new age WWE fan and not a WWF Attitude fan.

KingZFlipper2573d ago

I actually hate what WWE is offering right now. After PG WWE has all gone wrong. The Attitude Era was IMO the greatest era in Wrestling history, and i've stopped watching wrestling after it went PG, but anyways. I bought smackdown games till 2009, and I saw always The Rock with hair although he was bald all the time. He was a legend though in those games.

2575d ago