No “Commando” Perk in Modern Warfare 3, Says Bowling

Everyone's favorite bald guy and Creative Strategist, Robert Bowling, has replied to a tweet and confirmed that everyone's least favorite and rage inducing perk "Commando" has been removed from the game.

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Hitman07692491d ago ShowReplies(10)
Grip2491d ago

im so buying this game OMG there is no commando! it's complete new game! /s

MidnytRain2491d ago

Well, people complained about the perk, now it's gone. This is what we (you) asked for.

Ducky2491d ago

... but I like going commando. =(

meetajhu2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )


MidnytRain2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

^^On the way to work.

A fat, old man... *shudders*

Kee2491d ago

This game is just sounding better and better with every useless piece of information people decide to write a news story on. Just wait and write a full perk list when it's available. That one piece of information is not news worthy.

Drjft2491d ago

Commando isn't just any perk though. It was a major flaw that thousands of people complained about.

Get off your high horse.

Kee2491d ago

How am I on my high horse?
I do care about the perks but are we gonna do this with every single perk that isn't in the game?

Just seems a bit of a waste if they can consolidate it into one article detailing full perks and weapons and attachments.

MidnytRain2491d ago


Probably not every perk. But we're happy to see this, you know? Commando - it put people off, now they have one more reason to come back.

scotchmouth2490d ago

Kee has a point. At this point Bowling could take a massive dump and walk out of the stall with a TP square stuck to his shoe.

The result would be two separate headlines on the front page.

wutangkillabees2491d ago

yeah, i always keep reading better and better news about mw3 and i always think to myself, this game is going to be so raven

maverick11912491d ago

he forgot to add but stopping power and juggernaut are still in though LOL!

FAGOL2491d ago

I wouldn't mind if stopping power came back. At least more than 1 person will come up on radar when a UAV is up. I just hope they don't use Black Ops Perks=Appearance system. Everyone with ghost looks like a freaking bush.