Novarama Talks Sony Exclusivity, Augmented Games and PlayStation Vita

Creators of the successful Invizimals franchise, and developers of the PlayStation Vita game Reality Fighters, augmented reality developer Novarama recently signed an exclusivity deal with Sony. To learn more about the deal, their thoughts on the fantastic PlayStation Vita, and where the new handheld leaves the Invizimals franchise, PlayStation LifeStyle chatted to Dani Sánchez-Crespo, CEO and Lead Designer at Novarama.

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doctorstrange2573d ago

Of Sony to partner with these guys, that way their first/second party line-up is even bigger.

Sev2573d ago

Definitely. Sony keeps bagging great talent.

blusoops2573d ago

Good job on the interview as well.
Good questions and information.

Now i'm actually interested in what Reality Fighters will offer, where as before, i had no interest.

doctorstrange2573d ago

Thanks :)

Yeah, RF is definitely one to watch

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Welshy2573d ago

Fantastic news =)

good to see the devs and publishers lining up to get there hands on the Vita and make some great games =D

Etseix2573d ago

VITA's battery life was already mentioned before?

doctorstrange2572d ago

In relation to camera usage

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dbjj120882573d ago

Should be interesting see what's coming up from these guys.

2573d ago
GoldPS32573d ago

Good to hear. Vita is gonna be great.

2573d ago
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