TGL Replay: Onimusha Warlords

"Why have Capcom abandoned the Onimusha franchise? As one of the industry’s biggest publishers, they have some of gaming’s most reputable, acclaimed and celebrated franchises on their books. Take a look at Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 if you want to see a detailed roster of their best characters from their greatest wares and commodities. Dante is in there. Ryu is too. Then there’s Viewitful Joe, Amaterasu and half the cast of Resident Evil. Yeah, Capcom almost have too many excellent game products at their disposal and while they continue to churn out new Street Fighters and new Resident Evils at a suspiciously freakish and frequent rate, they seem to have forgotten all about poor Onimusha in the process. I mean, Samanosuke Akechi didn’t even make it in MVC3? C’mon Capcom, what the hell is going on?"

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Solidus187-SCMilk2402d ago

I loved this game. It was my first PS2 game.

bacrec12402d ago

Dude where is the sequel. The third game was epic. The opening cut-scene would melt a normal mans face right off.

SwilloTGL2402d ago

This one is a classic! I wish Capcom would give it the reboot it so deserves

Rhezin2402d ago


moocho2402d ago

yeah please!!! Onimusha 1 & 3 where the best imho, and this serie is still one of my favourites. Each time there is a new "Secret game" from Capcom announced, I'm sure it's gonna be Onimusha 5, but it never is... :(

CrescentFang2402d ago

hehe, I watched my cousin go through this on the Xbox (that version was titled Genma Onimusha) and the f*cking doll they included in that scared the living crap out of me (I was a kid)... I don't remember if you can kill it, but if you can, it certainly would have taken a long time. Sadly I only beat 1 & 2 (I didn't like 2 at first because it didn't have Samanosuke, but it grew to be my favorite) and i don't own 3 or 4. My of my favorite series :)

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