Diablo III Will Be Easy to Learn and Difficult to Master

According to the official response, Diablo fans all over the world will love the difficulty that game will provide to them although comparing to World of Warcraft, Diablo III will be a casual style title.

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xYLeinen2546d ago

So they are taking the same principals as in WoW then.. Sounds good for me.. If you want something casual you're getting it, but if you want deep into PvE or PvP you can master all that.

Hooby2546d ago

I wouldn't call WoW particularly hard to master, just need enough time to spend.

SC2 there's a game where the skill cap is almost impossible to imagine.

Sub4Dis2546d ago

there is a very clear gap between the casuals and the "masters" in wow... and i can't tell you how i'm shocked monthly (for a very long time now) at how bad most ppl who think they are good are. people like you that say "wow isn't hard to master" are just casual players. "well trained noobs" at best.

xYLeinen2546d ago

Gotta respectfully disagree..

I've spent plenty of years in WoW and invested a lot of time. I've been mostly PvEing but tried PvP.

In PvE I've downed the hardest bosses and been with the best guilds, but PvP for example I'm not that good at. I get the idea and know the roles, but I don't master a bit. And it's not due to time investment.

jakethesnake2546d ago

"SC2 there's a game where the skill cap is almost impossible to imagine."

So true man. That is the thing that makes the game so great is that no matter how well you play or how hard you try, there is always obvious room for improvement and creativity.

Letros2546d ago

Agreed, SC2 skill cap is miles ahead of WoW

BubbleSniper2543d ago

WoW is only hard to master because if you want to MASTER everything, you need to rely on other people. With Diablo.. there was no need to rely on other people... I hope they stick with that. NONE of this multi-player bullshit to get everything... make it so we can traverse alone and do it all, put LARGE fucking roadblocks in our way.. that will circumvent some of us hardcore.

other than that, keep WoW away from this game... all the way.

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Baka-akaB2546d ago

still i dont even get why a comment like "it's like wow" would come there , seeing how Diablo was there first , and some mechanics of WoW borrowed from it .

And no i disagree anyway . WoW is hardly as deep and challenging in pvp (while easy to control) . Stuff like GW1 is probably way closer in spirit and philosophy

trainsinrdr2546d ago

Assassins creed is also easy to learn and difficult to master.

RedSky2546d ago

"Assassins creed is also easy"

This part is correct.

D0ffy2546d ago

Assassins Creed is not difficult at at all. Doesn't mean it's not one hell of a game though.

RedSky2546d ago

Ontopic, Diablo 2 and it would seem 3 are very well suited to a gradual skill curve. It's just about the only big name game where you are both forced and given a real incentive to progress through 3 difficulty settings by enabling you to carry through and continuously build your character while offering genuine variety and increased complexity when you enter the higher difficulty levels especially nightmare.

In that sense because it forces you to play what is essentially easy, medium and hard sequentially it's one of the few games that has no reason to be dumbed down. Gamers without much commitment will simply finish easy (normal) mode and stop. The rest will continue to play through. It'll appeal to both audiences and neither will need to be comprised for the sake of the other.

EditorAtGNG2546d ago

Absolutely. Well said (+ bubble to you sir).

Playing Diablo 2 as we speak and I just love how there can always be a challenge found in both Normal mode while leveling a character (my second Assassin) and gridning stuff with my uber Paladin on Hell difficulty.

MidnytRain2546d ago

That's the perfect combination for any game with an expectation of a long life.