2007 US Monthly Hardware Sales

From IGN:

"Everyone loves sales figures. eMarketer has done us all the favor of rounding up the 2007 monthly sales of each current-gen console and dropped it all into a sharp table. Here is the said table, but note the numbers at the bottom are not year-to-date totals. They are total lifetime console sales."

Total US year-to-date sales for each console from January-September of 2007 (units):

Wii: 3,439,400
360: 2,222,900
PS3: 1,172,500

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PS3 Limps on and on4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

Wii has sold the most consoles in 2007.

I still remember all those months. Those 80k strechtes for PS3 and then the glory July, and then the doom September.

October will also be bad for PS3. But now they have a $399 sku, the Holidays are here and they have a few solid games like Ratchet, Haze, Uncharted, Call of Duty 4 = to 360 version.

If PS3 doesn't make any stand in Novemeber and December, I think it's over. I won't make anymore excuses for the PS3. Mark my words on that. Infact I'll stop posting on, defending the PS3 is starting to get embarresing.

stunt2134053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

PS3 = 1, 172, 500
Wii = 3, 439, 400
Xbox 360 = 2, 222, 900

I get why 360 is selling like crazy in September, but why wii? there was no good game out for wii in september.

HarryEtTubMan4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

haha see this is the 360 has been outsold WORLDWIDE so far this year.. it barely has even beaten the PS3 in NA this year... the gap isn't getting wider anymore little insignificant fanboys... This is all the proof you need to understand console sales realistically. Yes Semptember was big for the 360... you better pray to God that it was that way with their #1 console selling title being released... HAHA this is funny... PS3 will win this proves it even more. 360 is doing NOTHING DRASTIC AT ALL. Wait until next year.

PS3 Limps: seriously... you have got to be a 14 year old little kid to be actually saying that... or are u insane? The Xbox has sold 13 million consoles so you the the Playstatoin that has sold 120 million consoles TWICE runs and hides? Seriously this has got to be some little kid ...SO F#$CKING STUPID and lame... just saying sh!t that doesn't even make any sense... STFU and learn whats really going on!!

yES 360 won NA... PS3 won the rest of the world except maybe Austrailia... didn't u see the release of wroldwine sales for the PS3? It outsold the 360 by 900.00 units... yeah thats not much when u have a 6 million console lead but it wont say that way... even if u don't like it the great games are coming. They're gonna be amazing and the talk of gaming next year.Congrats to the 360 ... this is the biggest year they will ever have... watch it will be true. Including this holiday season taht is. PS3 is still selling better everwhere esle in the world and that counts just as much... and PS3 will DEFIANTELY warm up in NA soon. Watch it happen.

Young Capwn4053d ago

I work at target, And the PS3 is really starting to sell more than 360. The arcade doesnt sell and the Halo one doesnt sell, the premium sells most and the PS3's have been flying off the shelfs. We just sold the last 60 gig yesterday.

TheMART4053d ago

THat's because some people want to snag up the models with PS2 support.

Sales are dropping again for the PS3 like they were after the last price drop in July.

You'll see a gigantic slaughter this Christmas. MS will lower the price of the 360, 360 Premium at 279 Euro or so. PS3 will be nowhere with the content the 360 has and gets now.

Real gamer 4 life4053d ago

Sony will also lower the price for the ps3 by spring of 08. So when microsoft lowers the price of the xbox360, it wont hurt sony at all. And the ps3 is not dead, if next year sony consistanly sell more then microsoft, with its big heavy hitter being release they do have a chance to catch up. Look at how the wii caught up to the 360 in one year, sony could do the same thinng with tis 08 line up.

BLaZiN PRopHeT4053d ago

how can they afford to do that?>

TheMART4053d ago

Do you even READ?

I said the PS3 will be nowhere THIS CHRISTMAS. Because MS is smart. Sony lowered the price just a few weeks ago. The surprise is gone, sales are dropping again.

MS uses the 1..2 punch method. Saying now they won't drop the price, because their offer is right.

But then... Just before Christmas when people are about are thinking what to buy MS gives the final blow: 360 Premium to 279 to 299 Euro. You know Christmas sales are the most important salestimes of the year, right???

Spring? Too late. PS3 is too late to really catch up. Userbase of the 360 already got so large it gets the most and best 3rd party support. The 360 is in the position of the PS2 last gen.

The WildAttorney4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

The PS3 is certainly the Betamax of this generation of consoles.

EDIT--Not sure if people on here are old enough to even know what a Betamax was.

tfur4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

Is that Betamax -> Betacam -> Digibeta -> HDcam...

There is a Sony digibeta deck in EVERY TV studio on earth. And an Sony HDCAM deck in any studio that does HD broadcast. Betamax really only died in the consumer market. Sony beta IS the production format from NTSC D1 frames, all the way up to HD.

So, yes... the consumer market did choose the inferior VCR format, but the vid/tv and film/telecine world went with beta and its descendants.

EDIT: To the child below... As opposed to you, I actually know what I am talking about. I was just stating a fact of both post production, tv/studio and film production. Have YOU ever been in a post house or a TV studio?

My point was to mention a fact that few people really know about the beta format, and its evolution.

You have made yourself look rather silly.

Now run along...

JasonPC360PS3Wii4053d ago

No it didn't jump off Sony's jock or does your payceck say Sony up top?

tfur4053d ago


I didn't think you would have anything to say to the edit...

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