PSP outsells 3DS 2 to 1

The industry is abuzz with Nintendo revealing 3DS price drops across every region, a mere four months after its release.

Just when you thought things couldn't possibly get any worse, sales figures have revealed that the 3DS was outsold comfortably by Sony's PSP for the quarter.

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Best2575d ago

So what? Sales number means nothing to the failed user experience that one achieves on the PSP.

LOGICWINS2575d ago

Sales mean nothing? If thats the case, then all games would be free.

DarkTower8052574d ago

@Best too bad you had a bad experience with a psp. When I had mine I had the entire catalog of genesis,nes, and snes on it. Then I had movies, games and music too. You must not have tried to like it, or never had one.

iNFAMOUZ12574d ago

logic wins again, no pun intended ;)

NiKK_4192574d ago

@Best So which is it?

you're in a resistance thread talking about mw3 beating because of the sales, yet when it comes to psp it doesn't matter?

i think you're just a sony hater, and you need to get over yourself

kreate2573d ago

"you're in a resistance thread talking about mw3 beating because of the sales, yet when it comes to psp it doesn't matter?"

Thats epic fail LoL

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BrianG2575d ago

When a new device releases you would expect it to outsell a declining device (PSP). But lately the PSP has been on an upswing, not entirely sure why.

Either way sales do matter to developers. I have heard of at least 1 cancelled 3DS game due to poor sales.

Sales don't make games better, but it makes developers more interested in actually supporting the platform.

Tony-Red-Grave2574d ago

maybe people sold their psps and bought DSs with the money then realized shit wasnt worth it and sold the DSs back and bought the psps for cheap.

darthv722574d ago

generally that may happen. in other cases, if the declining device is cheaper then it can spurn sales as stock is being sold off for less than the new item.

Buying something is an investment. Like buying a car, you dont go sell off your 2010 model because the 2011 has just come out. Yet it seems people do that with iphones. iphone 5 coming and so there will be a flood of iphone 4's on the used market by those who have to have the latest and greatest.

firemassacre2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

so what? your in this article are you not? seems you care enough to comment.

on topic congrats to sony and the psp for being victorious.

blackburn102574d ago

Really. That's the best you can do?

MAJ0R2574d ago

it's a complete and utter embarrassment for Nintendo whether sales matter to gamers or not, no other way of putting it

consolez_FTW2574d ago

"failed user experience that one achieves on the PSP"-Best

You are that "one" who somehow failed to have a great experience on the PSP.

BattleAxe2574d ago

Its a testament to how great the PSP really is.

Solid_Snake-2574d ago

7 models of the PSP are outselling a new product lol.

just another day on N4G.

i think we should add up the whole of DS models vs the whole of PSP models and see who has sold more.

i know who has but it is nice to see the replies.

Hicken2574d ago

Seven models? The 1000, Slim, and 3000... and....?

Additionally, since the first two are no longer produced, I doubt their numbers are included in these sales figures. The GO is its own separate system, and is also no longer produced.

That versus the DS, DSLite, DSi, DSiXL, and 3DS.

Biggest2574d ago

Wait, what? You can still buy a brand new PSP 1000 or 2000 series? I gotta find me one of those!

FalseAngel02574d ago

3DS isn't a new "model" of DS, it's a new system. PSP is one system, 3DS another. Just because the 3DS has backwards compatibility doesn't make it just another model.

2574d ago
fatstarr2574d ago

meh when the 3ds sells the psp 2:1 and the ds out sells the vita 5:1 what will everyone say... sales dont mean that much really unless you are lookin to localize or make drastic profit. everyones judgement has become cloudy this gen...

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Godmars2902575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Meh, call me when the PSV is out and this happens. One way or the other.

hellerphant2575d ago

I don't think the PSV will be outsold 2-to-1 by a 6 year-old handheld when all of the PSP's games will be playable on PSV, as well as on PS3, and considering PSV is essentially PSP 2.0. Whatever reason people are buying the PSP for, they will buy the PSV for.

MintBerryCrunch2574d ago

i think that he meant "call me when the PSV outsells the 3DS 2 to 1", not the PSV vs PSP, that makes no sense as you said

fatstarr2574d ago

please tell me how you will play all of these psp games on your psv enlighten me. cause i have like 10 games sony wont have in their psv download program thing not truely backwards compatible.

itani2574d ago

Let's not get start by how much the 3DS will sell once a Pokemon game is out on it.

iNFAMOUZ12574d ago

Your grammar is atrocious kid.

Godmars2902574d ago

No, I'm saying call me where there's something more relevant than 6 year old tech versus something that just came out. Like, something that came out a few months ago versus something that just came out.

SilentNegotiator2574d ago

Let's definitely 'not get start', as the same could easily be said, if not more so, for the future release of Call of Duty on the Vita.

My point is that Nintendo has NOT always been saved by its franchises. I mean, maybe the big Nintendo franchises kept the Gamecube from imploding in embarrassment, but guess how well the Gamecube did...

Godchild10202574d ago

How long do you think we will have to wait for that. We just had one release in what, March? So we should see the next set in March of next year, later this year in Japan. If they make it for just the 3DS, I see them losing more money, since a lot of people still have the Older DS Models and they still tend to sell. The price drop will help sell consoles.

I know I will be picking up three this holiday coming for my Nephews and nieces.

BlmThug2574d ago

Screw the new Pokemon games. The originals where the best BTW PSV has Uncharted

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metsgaming2574d ago

One of the last times the psp will outsell the 3ds with that price drop coming. Still impressive that it was able to outsell a brand new system for so long.

Average_Joe2574d ago

Let's all try to keep this in perspective. The PS2 outsold the PS3 for the longest time. The Wii is still selling well. These are a bit older numbers, the new price drop and games releasing will increase the sales of the 3DS.

$249 is just too much for any handheld gaming device.

metsgaming2574d ago

250 is to much for a slightly improved ds with 3d. Now 250 for something like the vita which is heads and shoulders better then the psp is a steal.

Stealth2k2574d ago

who says its heads and shoulders better than the psp?

The games will decide that

Average_Joe2574d ago

It's not a Sony vs Nintendo thing for me, $250 is to much to spend on something I probably wont use that often.

Arnon2574d ago

How is it a steal? Do you buy consoles for the hardware or the games, because the PSV lineup is pretty much non-existent compared to the massive library that the 3DS is already set for.

This sounds like the PS3 launch all over again. "Get a second job to buy this product that has virtually 4 games on it."

Biggest2574d ago

The 3DS line-up was non-existent from day one. Nintendo said it themselves that it was a mistake to release the 3DS without more games. The PSV line-up looks much better than the 3DS launch line-up. But since the PSV isn't close to release, I'm sure it doesn't matter yet. It is kinda funny that you think the 3DS had tons of games from the jump.

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Stealth2k2574d ago

And the ds was getting outsold by the gba and psp

Not to mention that the ds didnt even sell as much as the 3ds has. During a holiday no less

Jac5al2574d ago

Apple charges like $250 for an Ipod touch.... $250 is great for a device as powerful as the Vita.

dazzalfc2574d ago

True, but can you have an app that replicates farts on the PSV?

On a less sarcastic and more serious note, i think the PSV is easily great value for money. If i had the choice between, using Jac5als example, buying an Ipod Touch for £200-£220 or buying the PSV for £230, then the PSV would be chosen every day for me.

YodaCracker2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

When the DS first came out, it sold very poorly compared to the Game Boy Advance. Now look at it today. It's the best-selling video game system of all time. Once the DS is old news and the 3DS gets into full swing, I bet it will be a huge success.

Genghis2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

read a little bro. ds sold 1.44 million in the first quarter. 3ds has sold HALF of that in its first quarter

YodaCracker2574d ago

I'm talking about when the DS first released to the market back in 2004. It was outsold by the GBA for a while. Just like the 3DS is being outsold by the DS now.

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