Is the Price Drop Enough to Save the 3DS?

Phil of Botchweed shares his opinion on the 3DS's price drop, and whether it is enough to give the struggling handheld the boost it needs.

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Ulf2609d ago

I think it'll certainly appeal more to parents now. The DSi cruised along at the same price for years, and did very well.

The trouble is that those DSLite's and DSi's are still in existence, and parents love to recycle stuff, sell their kids old stuff, buy old stuff for their kids, etc. The DS legacy will get in the way of the 3DS more than anything else.

EddyD2609d ago

Honestly, I think 3D is a gimmick that detracts from quality, for example any movie that has 3D as part of its actual title you know will lack in story and acting, simply because the whole focus is 3D.

Once you get over images standing out at you a little bit, you realize that you've just paid $300 for more of the same.

AWBrawler2608d ago

watch the explosion that happens this holiday

Jdoki2608d ago

Why does everything need saving!?

If it's not the 3DS needing saving it's the PS3! It's a joke. So many armchair experts masquerading as 'journalists'.

What if this is a tactical move by Ninty in response to the positive press the Vita is getting. How stupid are these 'experts' going if the 3DS has a massive holiday season.

To a large extent Nintendo have had the lion's share of the mobile gaming market - it may just be that natural market forces are at work as iPhones, Vita, PSP all create a more level playing field, and that consumers are not ready to move from the DS to 3DS resulting in comparatively lower sales.

The disaster that hit Japan has obviously affected all Japanese company's massively as well, and the strength of the Yen is causing havoc for any Japanese company reliant on exports.