This is why games are going to hell

A short video from a blogger explains everything about the current state of gaming industry.

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Scary692613d ago

LMAO he was about to get beat up..LOL wish they would have showed that part :-D

Focker4202613d ago

I hate AtheneWins, hes so annoying its unreal.

Laika2613d ago

i just watched, and i agree. he is incredibly annoying

ryhanon2613d ago

Yeah I was kind of hoping I'd see him get his teeth knocked out at the end. :(

Lyr1c2613d ago

He does it on purpose rofl.

He's actually a pretty intelligent guy, he just does this shit to troll.

harrisk9542613d ago

I don't get it. Is this supposed to be funny?

manman62613d ago

I think he was trying to make fun of games but it is a bad attempt.

Sashamaz2613d ago

Having watched the video I believe he was trying to convey that casual gamers have ruined gameing, i.e. the guy who said who doesn't like games when he loses was told to quit gaming, the girls where singled out for knowing nothing about gaming the clips of the old woman support the "hardcore" gamer extremist views. The message is there it's just not projected clearly.

I can see why some people find him annoying but I think it was ok.

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The story is too old to be commented.