Edge: Setting out in Skyrim

Edge: "We take our first steps in to the epic world of Elder Scrolls V - The mountain known as The Throat of the World stands before us. It fills our vision – snow-coated escarpments, fog-smothered peaks and black claws of rock so massive, so tall, that the eye cannot absorb it in one go.

It looks fierce, deadly and cold – and just looking at it, even from the bucolic haven of the valley below, we can already imagine the hiss and wail of wind, the oppressive, driving ice that will greet us as we journey to its top. And we will go there – up its 7,000 steps, through its frigid passes and over treacherous gale-blown ridges. And when we reach the very peak, we will meet the Greybeards and from them learn the words of power – the language of dragons."

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Average_Joe2549d ago

I'm seriously amped for this game. I hope it's as good as I think it'll be. My wallet is going to be hurting this year. I'll need to actually find the time to play all these great games too!

lMHl2549d ago

I think this is just a preview on the skyrim demo at E3