Social Gaming is (Sadly) Here To Stay

Mike Deneen from GoozerNation writes:

"Recently, Mike Fisher, CEO/President of Square Enix USA, came out and said that he does not see the current trend of social gaming (games on Facebook) lasting forever. [1] He seems to imply that games such as Farmville, Civ World, and Mafia World are just fads that will soon go away, and that gaming as we knew it a couple of years ago will continue on its merry way.

I, however, must respectfully disagree with Mr. Fisher. As much as it pains me to think that way, I don’t see social games going away anytime soon. In similar fashion to the Wii (and motion gaming as a whole), these perceived fads by game developers and gamers alike, will be around for quite some time."

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blumatt2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

I liked seeing Facebook integration with the online multiplayer of Uncharted 3. It's cool to be able to invite your Facebook friends directly over PSN. I hope to see this feature implemented into more games in the future and hopefully it's implemented into the system when the PS4 comes out.

Social network integration like Twitter and Facebook are going to be more commonplace among games, especially when the Xbox 720 and PS4 come out.

egidem2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

No thank you, they should leave the social crazies out to the social crazies. I don't want some weird person sending me a FarmVille invite the moment I drop in say Uncharted 3 and get some multiplayer done. It should remain separate.

PSN in itself is a community where you can interact with your friends. We don't need an extra middle man (Facebook, Twitter etc) bringing in all your relatives, cousins and some of those annoying friends along.

hilyou2371d ago


actually uncharted 3 only displays ppl who hav their psn linked with their facebook accounts, so u cant see ur aunts and stiff and they cant see u.

Cpt_kitten2371d ago

well that sucks, facebook games and cell phone games are the worst idea on the planet

Kee2371d ago

Amen bro. Every other day I get a notification for some dumb game I don't even play. This has to stop.

Cereal2371d ago

It's fine if people want to make games for facebook but keep those tacked on facebook features out of my games. This is part of why I hate Uncharted 3 (although I'm sure the facebook support will be removed a few weeks/month after release just like twitter support in Uncharted 2).

thebudgetgamer2371d ago

yea man, gaming shouyld only be hardcore. there's no room for facebook noobs.

kube002371d ago

Social gaming its interesting but not really for me

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