Worldwide 3DS Price Drop Echoes PSP Go’s Failure


"Nintendo is following in Sony’s wayward footsteps.

At the very least there are some compelling similarities.

The 3DS may be in trouble, the same way the PSP GO was...

The PSP Go ultimately failed and Sony regrouped with the newly announced PS Vita...

Nintendo, though, didn’t seem to learn much from Sony’s troubles...

The price drop now could be seen as a strategy to offset the upcoming PS Vita and grab greater market share early. It also puts pressure on Sony to revisit their price on the more expensive to produce PS Vita and sell at a loss.

However, no company is going to dramatically price drop a flagship product like a new DS and offer free games unless it is facing stiff competition and isn’t selling well.

This was the case with the PSP GO, and this is likely the case now with the 3DS."

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gaminoz2616d ago

Well it's good the price is better! But yeah...where are the non-Mario, Pokemon, Zelda games! Resident Evil?

Proeliator2616d ago

The Mercenaries was entertaining, but Revelations looks to be great.

BadCircuit2616d ago

Yeah but beyond that title, what non-Nintendo redone franchise is there?

ReservoirDog3162616d ago

@ above

MGS3 and Kingdom Hearts.

MaxXAttaxX2615d ago

MGS3 is 7 years old.

That puts it right in the redone/remake/re-release category.

Proeliator2616d ago

Interesting article.

I remember seeing sales statistics showing that the 3DS is selling better than the PSP and Gamecube did at their respective launches, even the N64. Even though these are vastly different times, it shows the system isn't doing BAD.

BadCircuit2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

The PSP was a new entry into the handheld market. Nintendo has a huge market share with the DS.

Nintendo handheld owners have often upgraded from Gameboy to the different DS types.

So not meeting their sales targets is a big problem and making huge quarter losses when you've launched the new console isn't good either.

gaminoz2615d ago

"Never in Nintendo's history have we dropped a system's trade price so significantly less than six months after launch," the company said in a statement.

"The recently announced price-cut for the 3DS will see Nintendo sell the handheld at a loss according to Bloomberg Japan."


Looks like the author has a point.

BitbyDeath2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Apples and Oranges here.

Firstly, the 3DS games can only be played on the 3DS, while the games on PSPGO can be played on the various PSP handhelds which still sell today.

Secondly, 3DS is not going well cause it has 3D which not everyone likes and the GO only allows for people to play via downloaded games. Which most people prefer/only have access to discs.

Of the two i'd say the GO was the dumbest move, downloads are not the future.

BadCircuit2616d ago

Well to be fair, one might argue that downloads are the future looking at smartphones and iPod and that 3D isn't the future...

BitbyDeath2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Phones have never sold games in stores. It doesn't mean it is the future, it just means that is how they are like how ovens still sell even after the microwave has been invented.

EDIT: I have a 3D TV but am unsure about the future of the tech. Not much for it either way.

-Alpha2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )


It's funny how people are trying to spread the "3DS is doomed" stuff by making faint comparisons. Some folks are really grasping at straws to put Nintendo down

The PS3 got off to an even worse start. Look at them now.

The 3DS has a killer Q4 lineup with a reduced price. Nintendo is far from doomed but they likely aren't going to beat the DS' success IMO. Yes, they are having issues hence the massive price drop, but that in no way means that the 3DS is a failure or that it's going to fail

BadCircuit2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Well it certainly is going to be interesting with the PS Vita coming into it.

What killer Q4 lineup besides traditional franchises? I'd genuinely like to know, as I think I've only heard of the usual.

Their own financials released at the same time don't look good atm, but then most game companies are suffering.

-Alpha2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

The traditional franchises are what I'm talking about. Why does it matter if it is traditional or not? We are talking sales here

Those games are N's biggest titles and they have a massive appeal.

The dry library so far with the high price has certainly been a huge issue. Come Q4, Nintendo will have dealt with those issues.

As for the PSV, the hardware is their main selling point, the games do not have the same appeal that the 3DS will have established by then. I don't see casuals biting on the PSV or games like Uncharted, so it's up to the core market, and I don't know how big that crowd is.

Point I'm making is that people are jumping to too many conclusions too quickly. There is a lot to consider to say that 3DS is anything like the Go or that the 3DS will be doomed

blackburn102615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

Oh yeah. Because we all know veryone gave the PS3 a chance /s. What planet are you from? The whole gaming universe practically wrote off the PS3. Not even the third parties who many of their game debut on the PS2 still supported them properly. Don't compare this to Sony who practically had to bend over backwards to sell the PS3. E

veryone including reviewers and developer wrote off the PS3 as dead and many of them still bad mouth it to this day. That situation and the 3DS are NOT the same. Why is it when coming to any thing Nintendo related we should be calm and reasonable but anything Sony related suffers from wild speculation and doomsayers? I can predict the 3DS's faliure if I want.

gaminoz2615d ago

I think the portables are a different thing to the PS3, personally, but the point that you can't count a big giant like Sony or Nintendo down and out right away is true.

Mind you Sega was a giant, and the PSP GO was a Sony experiment and failure. Sony fans didn't save it.

Nintendo fans won't save the 3DS either because you need more than just the fans to make a success. So it's up to the wider market.

No console or business is immune these days, no matter their reputation.

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ApexHell2616d ago

have a psp go bought it used from gamestop for 80$ and got a 16GB mem stick for 20$ , i already had shit ton of ps1/psp games downloaded off psn best buy I have ever done.

user8586212616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

PSP go failed because sony wanted people to rebuy the same game twice (at a higher price then retail) -_-'

and 3DS sells more then 1000 units a week..... snm

r212615d ago

i heard they wanted to test whether downloading games were better than having the physical game. sony took a huge risk doing that.

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