Crytek cancelled a 3rd person shooter possibly named 'Redemption', now working on new shooter IP

Big credit goes to Superannuation for yet another stellar find. This time, it appears Crytek cancelled a third-person shooter that might have been named 'Redemption', and have now moved on to a brand new IP. Which involves shooting. Obviously.

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PhilipLarkin2616d ago

Hope they're still doing Timesplitters 4

guitarded772616d ago

I thought Crytek UK (Free Radical) was working on that before the buyout... heard rumors they still are. I'd like to see Timesplitters 4 too and I wish LucasArts would give Star Wars Battlefront 3 Back to them.

slavish32616d ago

i would love a 3rd person version of crysis !!!!!!!

Pandamobile2616d ago

1. Open Crysis
2. Type con_restricted 0 in the console
3. Type thirdperson 1 in the console
4. Enjoy your 3rd person Crysis.

ExposingLames2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

omg there are sooooo many FPS games! why did you have to cancel a third person one :(

crytek no! i hope the new IP is third person

HAF9122615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

Im with panda. FPS > TPS.

TPS is immersion breaking. When you live your life do you watch yourself from behind? I dont so i dont want my games to do that for me either.

guitarded772616d ago

Agree 100% I'd love to see more TPSs. I like FPSs, but TPSs seem more fun to me for some reason. Maybe it's actually being able to visualize your character... IDK.

metsgaming2616d ago

They cancel the TPS, and make a new IP. Why do i have this itching feeling its another FPS, lame.

RavageX2616d ago

Maybe...just maybe...they should try to make a game that isn't a FPS. Or better yet, a game that isn't a shooter at all?

!!!! Imagine that, something different!

I don't care what anyone says, most FPS are just lazy.

DEagle-izer2615d ago

Ryse isn't a shooter, Its a FPC (First Person Combat) game.

And yeah I agree Ryse isn't as lazy as ppl may think since it uses Kinect.

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The story is too old to be commented.