Please be quiet, the 3DS isn’t doomed

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the 3DS has suffered from a rough start. The lack of games to play is frustrating and Nintendo have been slow to release system features that should have been there from launch. That being said, what’s with all the drama?

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billyboi1222575d ago

It's time to take note of all the people who are doubting Nintendo. And on Christmas day I'm going to send them all a message with a link to their own stupidity.

ashbc2575d ago

there is no way Nintendo is 'Doomed'. They made a huge mistake rushing the 3DS market when it wasn't ready.
But the price cuts and rewards for ambassadors is a great way to redeem their mistakes.

zootang2575d ago

If this was a Sony machine it would be Doomed Doomed or so would some people lead you to believe.

StanSmith2575d ago

The thing that makes me laugh is that if the 3DS is doomed then the Vita is royally doomed. When i've asked current DS owners why they haven't upgraded yet they state the price as the reason.

Nintendo has noticed this and is cutting the price to get those same consumers on board. Sony will follow suit by cutting the Vita price down 6 months after release because after those first sales from Loyal Sony Fans, sales will begin to dry up.

Fact is, smartphones and tablets began eating the handheld pie a few years ago and now, they are eating the biggest portion of it.

billyboi1222574d ago

Yeah I think this price drop will put them in a great position again and we will forget all about this mess.

Silly gameAr2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Can we take note of the people who couldn't care less instead? To much 3DS news that's not really news at all.

@below I'm wondering why anyone would click the article myself. You're right though. Last 3DS article for me. I was also curious to see where this 3DS Hate Squad on N4G was because I can't seem to find them anywhere.

ashbc2575d ago

If you're implying you couldn't care less why click on the article?

Gray-Fox-Type02575d ago

Has everyone forgot PS3s disastrous start? one of the worst launchers but look where they are now? 3DS is looking bad too but that doesnt mean quality games are not coming. Look at Nintendos 3DS lineup shown at E3...Q4 games are looking stellar . Just wait until the core games like Mario , Zelda , Donkey Kong , Kirby then we will see quality games..

Cablephish2574d ago

I'm not saying that you're wrong or anything, but we shouldn't really make assumptions about the future of the 3DS, and what you stated is right, PS3 is a great example of that.

Just kind of annoyed seeing all these articles start a big debate that make everyone look into their own crystal balls and share what they see in it with the world.

ReservoirDog3162575d ago

It's hard to not call a 30% price reduction within less than a year of release after the supposed killer app (Zelda) just came out anything less than desperate.

I never liked the 3d aspect of the 3ds and in a way, was hoping the 3d wouldn't catch on cause I think 3d is dangerous to kids (the age group everyone markets 3d to), it makes everything blurry and dark and it's like an insult to my intelligence. I don't need stuff being thrown at me to keep my attention.

Having said that, I want MGS3 and Kingdom Hearts on the 3ds. And Mario I spose.

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Optical_Matrix2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Tell that to the 3DS Hate Squad who run rampant on N4G. They'll be eating epic amounts of crow come Q4. The PS3 had the exact same situation. Lack of games. Stupid price point. Now look at it? How is the 3DS any different. Oh yeah that's right, it's Nintendo, and we all know is cool to hate on the company that practically created modern videogaming.

@SonyNGP, and the irony is that they call me a fanboy, despite owning all 3 current gen consoles, a PSP, DS, a 3DS and I'll be picking up a Vita on day one. I'm just level headed when it comes to my gaming. I'm slightly bias towards Sony and Nintendo, more so Sony, but I give credit where it's due if you get me

vglulz2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Couldn't have put it better myself. It's always good to discuss how Nintendo are doing, but it's better to do so with a level head.

SonyNGP2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )


Well, they're "hardcore mature gamers that have a grown-man system that they stand beside and back it, while you don't."

Oh Jesus. That left a bad taste in my mouth.

guitarded772575d ago

That's disgusting... I can't believe Jesus did that to you. Hope the bad taste goes away.

blackblades2575d ago

So why did it get a price drop just few months after it's release.

Vega752575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

@ mike if you recall Sony also drop the price of the ps3 months after launch. Why is it a problem now with the 3DS.

It's sad how people quickly forget

blackblades2573d ago

Yeah but the ps3 was just overpriced, the 3DS just has issues other then being overpriced.

Vega752573d ago

No the ps3 had the very same problem nintendo is having with the 3DS. It's over priced and lack of games. There's no difference with the two it's just people and the media are all ready predicting it's downfall before it even happens. Same as they did with the wii. Once the games start coming and the sells start picking up. These same people predicting the 3DS is going to fail will change their tunes and look for something else to bash while riding nintendo's sack like they loved it since it was announced like they always do.

Blaze9292575d ago

let's be real...the 3DS isn't what any one of us thought it would be. CLEARLY Nintendo is in the same boat too. Doomed? I dunno. But I don't see it being supported in another 2-3 years. that's just me though

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