Crimes of the Video Game Character

When it comes to video game characters; gamers turn a blind eye toward the subject of sweet, sweet justice. Honestly, video game characters rarely have to face up to their crimes and it’s a subject no one has really talked about. But crime doesn’t pay, so here are some rough estimates for the amount of jail time the most famous video game characters would have to serve for their crimes (along with possible fines).

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Rah5er02580d ago

No wonder there are so many parents blaming video games for instigating thoughts of violence in their children. These games probably remind them of how messed up these people really are..oops did I just say that?

Murgatroyd72578d ago

I can only imagine how boring games would be if the characters had to abide by our rules/laws and deal with the same consequences. It's just like the idea of making Tom & Jerry more realistic...there'd only be one cartoon!