Namco Bandai: '360 and PS3 still have great potential'

Barely a day goes by without someone in the industry ruminating on what the next Xbox or the PlayStation 4 may contain under its hood. However, Namco Bandai is happy to let the next-next generation wait a while. The firm's got a plethora of stand-out games lined up for this year and beyond on both PS3 and 360 - including Dark Souls, Ace Combat and Soul Calibur V.

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Organization XII2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

PS3 of course, there's the power of the Cell you know, no one have tapped the full potential of this piece of marvelous technology. As for the 360 naah, I dont think so man. The console have been long maxed out. Just wait for U3 and seee what I'm talking about!!

hilyou2547d ago

xbox 360 may still hav potential but not alot.

Quagmire2546d ago

Tekken 6 shouldve been a PS3 exclusive. Lets hope Tekken 7 is, so that they may take advantage of everything the PS3 has to offer, although i doubt it considering TTT2 is going multi platform.

MasterD9192546d ago

Next gen systems have infinite potential...You could literally make games forever for consoles today and they would still sell.

Only the graphic whores will want new systems already...and they'll pay out the bum for it.