Call of Duty Must Evolve or Die

Activision knows it, we gamers know it, and if they don't act now to restart its heart... it's over. 'Isn't Call of Duty today just like Guitar Hero was a few years back?', asks Hirshberg in the same memo, in an attempt to recognise - and dispell - growing dissent. However, the User ratings on Metacritic have plummeted from 8.9 for Modern Warfare to a wretched 5.8 for both MW2 and Black Ops.

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Organization XII2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

I say let it just have a slow painful death. They already are digging their own grave in MW 2.1

MintBerryCrunch2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

being the same is what's keeping it alive

change would only alienate most of the fans from the franchise

evrfighter2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

Cod's life is short as this gen is rapidly skidding to a halt. Arma 3, and BF3 are set to kickstart next-gen and The bosses at Activision show no interest in what comes next.

What do Tekken, Unreal, Quake, Medal of Honor, Rainbow six , Command and Conquer, and Ace Combat all have in common?

They all never evolved, They all had their moment in the sun and kept pumping out title after title of the same stuff and faded out into obscurity. Call of Duty will be making this list sooner rather than later if nothing changes.

Pretty soon developers are going to be striving for BF3 quality rather than cod quality. If CoD wants to survive they better have already started on a next-gen engine. But I somehow seriously doubt that they have.

Best2577d ago

Call of Duty must stay like it is. The only thing I ask is to bring back Juggernaut.

EYEamNUMBER12577d ago

i like how dumb everyone is when it comes to COD how everyone acts like they have to own it for some reason

it doesn't have to die or evolve if you don't want it just don't buy it and ignore it the people who do want will still buy it

honestly now just ignore it and move on how is that so hard to understand?

dangert122577d ago

Its Activision I vote die \o/

CapsLocke2577d ago

"They already are digging their own grave in MW 2.1"
I'd say MW 1.3

Septic2578d ago

I think Activision even know this but what they may construe as evolving the genre might be at odds with what core gamers (ie not the usual COD herd content with any nonsense) consider evolution.

A COD set in the future, in space is what Activision might tout as being revolutionary even if it is based on the same old engine but the world is wisening to it.

Battlefield 3, even at this early stage, has raised the stakes. There are other fps' as well that are raising the stakes so Activision has no choice. The status quo won't suffice any longer.

lMHl2578d ago

I just hope its good i wish zombies were back though ill buy this after bf3 and ill buy bf3 after im done with skyrim

03212578d ago

Just DIE already, Call Of Duty. You had a great run, but now its time to take you behind the barn.

Hicken2578d ago

It's not going to die any time soon, though you'd think it would be in danger of that.

Unfortunately, it's become something of a phenomenon: no other... anything has changed so little and yet become so popular. I mean, even Pokemon completely changed up the characters, locales, and rosters for every game.

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The story is too old to be commented.