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GamerLive.TV - As part of an ongoing battle between Valve and EA, Dragon Age 2 has been removed from the Steam store. Is this conflict going to end any time soon, and who's at fault?

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BabyTownFrolics2576d ago

what conflict?
why does anyone have to be at fault?

steam is not the only place to buy games, I know people prefer steam but this is not the end of the world

wirapuru2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

No one said it's the end of the world but most people who are upset about this probably has a Steam account for 3+ years with 50+ games, 50+ friends, screenshots, achievements and so on.. you just get used to have (almost) everything you play on pc there.

And I'm not saying only because of the fact you would have another 'resource-clogger' game client (yeah Steam's heavy but EA's has all the hopes to be worst yet) open but how this company-eater manage to do things. EA isn't playing fair, it was late enough (what, about 4 years?) to launch a platform like this and now is trying to bring players based on a kind of 'blackmail', if I can call it that.

If you don't join them, you just don't play the game. Of course, every publisher has its rights to create exclusive stuff, but when franchises (both DA and BF, mostly) become such successes through the HUGE support from Steam, and now - because they *can* - they turn down every little demand that was agreed before, I call this just plain lack of ethics.

It's a shame, but I really think BF3 will end way way lower where it would be if Steam had it. It'll be a success, I'm sure of that, but people who doesn't breath FPS for gaming and still would be buying it at Steam (like me and most of my friends) will watch the rise and fall of EA's Origin from distance, because a company which doesn't know how to things its own way, only to acquire and imitate others, doesn't know how to hold it up.

ForTheFallen2575d ago

solid reasoning, support and bubbles