Nintendo Wii U Pricing to Be Affected By Drastic 3DS Market Correction?

Nintendo today made a big move to spark interest in its 3DS handheld, which has been failing to meet expectations since launcing in late March. The $80 price cut so soon after launch shows that consumers simply weren't willing to put up with a $250 price tag for a handheld, especially when Nintendo handhelds are typically far cheaper. M2 Research analyst Billy Pidgeon labeled it a "quick and severe correction," but what does this mean for the Wii U?

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donniebaseball2613d ago

I'm guessing $299 for Wii U. Higher than that and they'll see a big prob just like what happened now with 3DS.

SilentNegotiator2613d ago

They dropped it by 1/3 of the price. They're obviously way too worried to even attempt to have similar pricing to competitors.

If their fears are well warranted, then not even $300 would be wise for them.

fatstarr2612d ago

Nintendo was wise couldnt get the critics talking about 3ds value and cost compared to the psv.

the wii u will be under 349.99 that im sure of

jacksheen00002612d ago

I agree that the Wii U might be priced at around $349.99, but I'd like it better if it was priced at $300. Not sure that going to why!

Here my break down on what I think it going to cost Nintendo to manufacture the Wii U.

CPU- $35
GPU- $35
RAM-$20 (2gigs)
LCD controller- $45
Proritory optical drive(25gigs) -$20
Plastics outer/inner shell console-$5
Packaging Instruction booklet -$10
Shipping cost-$10
Power cord and TV cables-$15
Starter Game if there is one:$5

Total amount:$225 per Wii U console

This is my guess...
So if nintendo decide to sale the Wii U for $300 they would at least lose about 75-100 buck for every Wii U console sold.

And that doesn't include advertisement cost,
paying the workers for packaging/etc,and storage cost. There might be more but I can't think of it right now.

slavish32613d ago

this show its not time for next gen. the economy is not ready

jacksonmichael2612d ago

The Canadian economy is ready... hurry up America, get back on your feet. We can't entertain ourselves without you.

jacen1002613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

i cant see $300 to be honest that is only £180 british pounds i see it being over £200 more like £250+ and being significantly more powerfull than current gen that isent bad.
people payed £500 for the p3s over here when it came out, and i rekon they will be paying the same for the ps4 when it comes out

D0ffy2612d ago

Don't be so sure everyone will pay the same buck for a gaming console as they did before, seeing how the economy is right now.

Though I probably will ^^

Shackdaddy8362612d ago

I will buy it for $350 and lower. Anything over and I will have to really think about it.

Ness-Psi2612d ago

YAY!! cheap Wii U's.

I don't think price was a big problem for 3DS just a lacklustre launch lineup.

jacen1002612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

its £150 for a damn 3ds atm that $245 so how can a wiiU be $300 on release

Mario4life2612d ago

no 3d screen, there using readily avalible hardware if reports are right, and use of custom disc drive to avoid bluray fees while still having the benefits of bluray, knowing nintendo they can make impressive hardware for cheap (gamecube being an example)

Ness-Psi2612d ago

I reckon 350 at most but 300 is the sweet spot for the Wii U.

the 250 for the 3DS was more ambition for the unit than actual cost of the innards (and a bit of a big head from Nintendo).

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