Homefront - The Rock Pack DLC Screenshots + Trailer

DSOGaming writes: "The Rock Pack DLC has just been released for Homefront and to celebrate this launch, THQ has also released eight new screenshots and a new trailer for it. The Rock hit Xbox Live today and will be shortly available on PS3 and PC."

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CoryHG2576d ago

sweet, just got this game for ps3 and im lovin it....1st

Myst2576d ago

I need to get back into this game after getting the map packs.

andibandit2576d ago

I read on Homefront forums the game is still FUBAR

BabyTownFrolics2576d ago

I just sold homefront, crysis 2, and brink back to gamestop for resistance 1 and 2, and 10 bucks on preorders for BF3 and Geears 3.

EazyC2576d ago

Anything else you want to add to your life story?!

This was such a "rent and forget" game though. I wonder how many people still actively play it?

Sugreev20012576d ago

Last game I'd buy a DLC. for.A Pathetic game overall,easily among the most disappointing this gen.Glad I got one for my PS3 as a gift.