GameFront: Dragon Age 2 DLC: Legacy Review

GameFront: "The first major story-based DLC for Dragon Age 2 made a lot of promises — namely, to address player criticisms. Does DA2′s first major story-based DLC live up to its promises of addressing player concerns?"

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Vortex3D2580d ago

Is this the first DA2 DLC that sets new pricing for $10 with a short gameplay? I don't consider searching for every item part of the actual gameplay since they are just optional things to do plus if you play this DLC after already completed the main game, those misc stuff are useless anyway.

When will Bioware stop making the "missing chapter" DLCs? Make DLC is takes place after DA2 storyline will be more interesting or they are saving it for DA3 and tries to milk DA2 for long as they can?