DICE and Infinity Ward discuss MW3 and BF3 rivalry, separately

Kevin O’Leary, brand manager for Battlefield 3, and Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling have each spoken to Kotaku regarding the rivalry – be it real or fan imagined – between the two shooters slated for autumn, and both developers are resigned to the fact that “passionate” fan reaction comes as part and parcel with the territory.

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Septic2578d ago

Don't let these words fool you though. Both developers have locked horns in, what appears to me, is the biggest rivalry for a multiplatform game.

Nothing comes close to the drama, the degree of speculation and sheer attention to detail, the scrutiny of differences and frequency of debates that has arisen out of this battle between these two behemoths.

There is a lot at stake here and these guys know it more than we do.

gamingdroid2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

Except EA already has stooped really low:

"During our meeting with Riccitiello at E3, he went even further, telling us that he wants Activision's franchise to "rot from the core," and he thought the pre-announcement of the Elite subscription was a terrible idea."


Activision has been pretty laid back about it the entire time.

evrfighter2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

Sounds like hes being honest. In truth I'd respect the guy that would tell me that instead of lying to my face praising the competition

Though ricitello is still a douche. Along with kotick.

The difference here is that kevin o leary is probably loving the attention while bowling its dreading whats gonna happen to cod.

trainsinrdr2577d ago

What is the point in this petty bs its not like bf3 stands a chance at the main factor which is ofcourse SALES.

Hufandpuf2577d ago

publishers will do anything to mislead the press. These 2 games are still at it and I think EA is taking it seriously.

Reborn2577d ago

EA wants in on the full "pie".

They may even get a bigger slice this year.

Zanarkand2577d ago

It bugs me when i see that while EA has talent Activision owns the sales but the games are crap. Something needs to be done here and soon.