How the huge 3DS price drop rounds off Nintendo's worst-run launch since the Virtual Boy

GamesRadar: "Okay, so the 3DS sold more in its first week as the VB sold in its entire curtailed life-span, but recently? In Q1 the three months immediately after the initial launch window hysteria died down, the 3DS sold just 700,000.

That's a current-gen handheld from the kings of the handheld console, with cooler features, more horsepower and (potentially) better software support than any handheld before it, going into nosedive at exactly the time it should have been building inertia. And now Nintendo is panic-managing a disturbingly drastic 33% price drop and a massive software giveaway.

Why did it come to this? Because this entire launch has been completely mis-managed from day one since the machine was announced. Read on , and I'll explain exactly how Nintendo has messed up."

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SilentNegotiator2616d ago

"Oh, and said handheld had Splinter Cell and Metal Gear and Mario Kart, and a console-quality Resident Evil, and Pilotwings, and Paper Mario, and Kingdom Hearts, and Zelda, and frickin' Street frickin' Fighter frickin' IV! Nintendo was back. The real Nintendo was back. And it was bringing everyone along for the welcome home party. We laughed. We cried. Meiks did a feature about how the 3DS potentially had the best launch line-up in history. And he was right. It did. But there's potential, and then there's realisation. And the realisation was a kick in the stones hard enough to end an entire family line"

This is why we've got to beware of E3 hype. I'll bet you that more than few of the games they announced will be cancelled, lose exclusivity, or not arrive until 2013.

A million developers/publishers could potentially be on board, but if the manufacturer (By which I mean one of 'the big three') drops the bomb on launching/selling the system, all of that potential hangs in the balance.

The not-so-infallible Nintendo has over-estimated how much the people were hungry for portable 3D, and neither delivered nor created that great of a 3D experience.