Are Modded Controllers Ruining Online Play?

Recently there has been a boom in modified controllers, notably the rapid fire kind. The rapid fire mod offers it’s user a rapid tapping of the fire button in a game. Meaning weapons that are designed to be single fire, often high in damage, fire like an automatic, often lower in damage.

It’s the classic rock, paper scissors. Not making one weapon in a game such as Call of Duty stupidly overpowered and ensuring that every positive feature of a weapon has a negative effect.

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vglulz2547d ago

In short: Yes.

It pisses me off when I come across someone using a modded controller, especially when they brag about it.

ashbc2547d ago

It does always seem to be a teenager, 13-17, that has a modded controller.
And trolling does seem to follow after they have used the mod to dominate the rest of the players in a game.
Practicing to get good at a game does appear to have gone out of the window recently on online multiplayer. Everyone is after a quick way to be good.

hgoodman032547d ago

Can't agree more with this article.
We should be promoting fair play to help new people enjoy the games industry.
Nobody would watch professional sports such as Football cheating was allowed to occur.

evrfighter2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

Dont know about modded controllers but keyboard and mouse might be. Thats what I use on 360. I usually use pistols or crappy guns and controller users still dont have a prayer.

Feel bad sometimes but i spent years on mouse and keyboard. Too much time invested to start learning other means of control so there you have it.

mastiffchild2547d ago

@evrfighter-you HAVE to go back to PC, mate, as what you're doing is enjoying a massive advantage that will, in time, hurt your own game in relation to other mouse users. A few years of doing this on console and you'd find yourself behind the curve on PC, trust me. you're not showing better skill-just a more efficient controller input and as you can do things controller players just can't it's akin to cheating.

Hell, I even stopped playing PC shooters online because I was sick of not knowing whether I was doing well because my set up and tech was better or doing crap because the next guy's was better and opted to go console for my MOP as nearly everyone uses the same input-the pad that comes WITH the console and EVERYONE has the same tech.

I'm, also, way better (compared to other gamers using the SAME input)mouse gamer than controller gamer(relatively speaking to other gamers)but I'd feel I was cheating both myself and everyone else were I to go with K/M on console. Another thing-it doesn't seem to hurt me when I go back to K/M for C games like TF2 and if anything learning to use different inputs makes you better.

Using K/M on console is a bit like being a bully and modded controllers are even worse. what happened to wanting to test your skills? I'm only good enough to play for lulz anyway but even so I get more pleasure from losing to a more skilled player than I would beating him just because my input is better. Winning with a modded pad must be like admitting you need a dick etension to satisfy your missus and then bragging about it?!!

Anyway, i'd ind more fun learning a new control method than owning just because I use a more efficient one that most people aren't using.

Schade2546d ago


Um yeah, because everyone in professional sports just eats their veggies and works out daily. No roids being used in Football or Baseball...

That said, if the devs care about this they have ways of preventing people from using modded hardware. I am just not sure they care.

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Blacktric2547d ago

Of course they ruin online gaming. Why the hell should someone have an edge over me while playing the same game? Why the hell they have the option to switch sensitivities or switch firing modes with the touch of an extra button while I have to go to the options menu to change them or not have the option to do so at all? It is the cancer of online gaming and a form of cheating. Not to mention how some companies like Activision/Madcatz promoting this crap with their custom controllers.

LOGICWINS2547d ago

Its an edge..but heres the thing, EVERYONE has the option of enjoying that same edge.

If someones willing to pay to get am advantage than another person..then theres nothing wrong with that.

If a person with a modded controller bothers you that much..then why not get your own modded controller?

Blacktric2547d ago

Because it is wrong that's why. Cheating can also be done by anyone but not everyone is doing it since it's wrong. Yes, it gives an edge but sometimes that edge changes the flow of the game and creates unfair opportunity. I respect your opinion but it's still no different than cheating for me. Especially if someone's using a rapid fire one.

Ace_Pheonix2547d ago

Though I do wholehartedly agree, there are a lot of different ways to have an edge. For instance, I play on a 73" HDTV with a pair of Trittons on. It's no way cheating or modding, but it sure as hell gives me an edge over the majority of other people playing on there. Though at the same time, I play just as well when I go to my buddys house without all of those.

MidnytRain2547d ago


Yeah, but, you know, I don't want to have to fork over more money just to compete. Can't you get banned if you caught using one or something, or is iwt perfectly legal? I hope not.

gcolley2547d ago

@ logicwins. time for a name change dude, you clearly don't have a clue in life

scotchmouth2547d ago


I understand what your saying but we shouldn't be enablers to such behavior. We should shun such activities and rightfully so.

How someone can take pride in using a modded controller is beyond me. They aren't faster at pulling the trigger. Its manipulating the system.

But in all honesty what can really be done about it? I'm not sure anything can be. At least from where I sit.

SwiftShot2546d ago

@Blacktric well said, it indeed is the cancer of online gaming.

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Solid_Snake-2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

no there not. modded call of duty matches are. i can deal with a auto G3 or rapid pistols but when i join a game and some guy is in the sky that really grinds my gears.

billyboi1222547d ago

@logicwins I really hope you picked that username purely for the sake of irony because your logic is flawed.

No, millions of people should not have to invest in a modded controller just because a selection of immature people have done so.

mastiffchild2547d ago

Yep, it's like saying they should make performance enhancing drugs freely available to olmypians but then all we'd see is whch country has the best sodding chemist.

Why is there so many people in gaming for whom WINNING is everything? I was watching my 9 year old playing MKWii online the other day and people are using all sorts of cheats and hacks on that-a game which has a built in rubber band with the blue shell! People cheat at MKWii against kids just to win and take the piss!?

When I play fifa online nearly every opponent will play as Barca-win babies. Who needs win babies? I thought qwe were in this to test ourselves against each other and fair play if you're better than me(which you prolly are)and we have little right calling ourselves a community while this shit goes on. It's a cancer on gaming.

SwiftShot2546d ago

don't play World At War :)
makes me sad, every match has flying or unlimited juggernaut. people just hate the fact they can't get a good k/d legit. F*CK K/D!!!!!!

Bereaver2547d ago

vglulz, why do you only comment on "" articles?

Bereaver2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

Ohh wait, now I see.

ashbc also comments on all the "buttoncombo" articles.

ash"bc"="butto ncombo"?

and "hgoodman03 " Joined right when the article was posted. Isn't that amazing.

DufferO82547d ago

how can you tell if there using one?

Kurt Russell2547d ago

it's the only possibly way they could have beaten me ^^

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ashbc2547d ago

Have to say I am a long time supporter of anti-mods. Games are made to be fun, challenging and fair. Games are none of those if people cheat and have an unfair advantage.
It's a shame that a minority often ruin it for the majority, it doesn't help that many adopt the philosophy that if you can't beat them join them. Meaning that there is more modded controllers.
I don;t understand why someone would pay for a game and then pay for a controller to cheat at that game.
I think Microsoft needs to be alot stricter on these people.

billyboi1222547d ago

I can't say i've really noticed people using modded controllers before.

I should probably pay more attention. I always put it down to lag or something.

ashbc2547d ago

Mods are by nature mostly seen on shooters.
If you don't play many FPS' or 3PS' you wont see them too often on your online multiplayer games.

hgoodman032547d ago

I'm fairly like you, I don't tend to play shooters.
I prefer games like viva pinata.

hgoodman032547d ago

Nothing annoys me more than a 14 year old with a modded controller thinking he has skills.
I don't understand the sense in paying for a modded controller when you can just practise at a game you enjoy and get better over time, knowing that you didn't cheat your way to good stats.
And that IS what is all about, stats. Games aren't about having fun for these kind of people they are to interested in their kill death ratios and e-penises.

SwiftShot2546d ago

There should be a game without stats.
Stats are the devil!

Pandamobile2547d ago

It's hardly that big of a deal.

Urrakia342547d ago

I completely agree. Glitchers/Hackers are the ones we should be worrying about.

ExitToExisT2547d ago

i think glitchers are a bigger problem