3DS Price Cut Points to Nintendo Going for Broke

GP Editor, Marshall Henderson writes, "Seems that Nintendo's recent 3DS price cut is a serious reflection of how well the company's doing. That is to say, not well. According to Gamasutra, Nintendo has modified its expected profits to reflect an 81.8% lower value for the current fiscal year. Clearly the announcement of the price drop was evidence of the handheld not doing well, but the proof is in the number pudding. The company had expected 16 million sales for the 3DS by March 2012, while, so far, only 710,000 had sold. Furthermore, the estimated 70 million games sold has only reached a little more than 4.5 million."

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Arthas2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

They're obviously going to make less because the wii ( which sold at an unheard of rate, and was cheap to begin with) isn't selling very well these days. Why? Because everyone has it already! now their next ds isn't doing as good as the others have because it's so dang expensive. This price cut will put the closer to where they need to be to keep going. This is hardly the end of nintendo.

nikola9872543d ago

Another funboy article. Sony funboys are really getting desperate :D

MHenderson2543d ago

Getting almost as desperate as Nintendo...