This Year's Best Collector's Editions

This year set a new bar for elaborate and over-the-top special editions of video games. Take a look back at the best collector's editions of the year, plus some cool bundles that are still to come.

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WhiteLightning2489d ago

I'm still a little mad over the LBP2 CE, MM are a UK developer and all we got was a crappy steelbook version. Even though the PS3 fanbase is larger in Europe then America.

ddkshah2489d ago

Crysis 2 Nano Edition Just check out ebay ;)

Sold Mine for $450 shipped :D

metsgaming2489d ago

getting the Uncharted 3 CE edition, i might also get the SR3 one because i will get it at a later date and many CE drop down alot after release so it might only be like $70

acemonkey2489d ago

Dead Space 2 SP ED sucked that plasma gun was so small....MK was great.....Duke lol somebody paid that much for that game and the extra stuff?ill be buying batmans SP ED...

Krimmson2489d ago

Eh, it was a nice statue of Duke at least.

MrSpace2489d ago


If you EVER have the cash.......

I've never looked back

Average_Joe2489d ago

I have the Batman Arkham City collectors edition pre ordered, it looks pretty good. I also got the Epic edition of Gears 3. Want that statue! I got the Killzone 3 one earlier this year when they discounted it to like $49.

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The story is too old to be commented.