US News Wrap, July 28 – What Happened Today

The 3DS price-cut bombshell from earlier this morning pretty much made the rest of today’s news look like nothing more than a King of the Sheep competition – unless of course some sheep-eating beast was running rampant across the countryside causing contestants to no longer look like themselves – then that would have topped the price cut, assuredly.

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Dwalls11712607d ago

Lol looks like the big N is in a bit of trouble

Stealth2k2607d ago

If anything this was a move to keep them out of future trouble

MasterCornholio2607d ago

Exactly they could not afford to mantain the 3DS at the same price as the Vita. Now consumers can use price as a reason when they choose the 3DS over the Vita.

Stealth2k2607d ago

Thats what I am getting at.

The third party games are coming

The first party games are coming.

Whats important is during the holiday you arent the same price as vita.

MaxXAttaxX2606d ago

3DS has been released for half a year.
Vita still has half a year until it releases.

Vita already has almost half as many games announced.
I'm waiting to see what they show at GamesCom and TGS before it the PSV launches.