THQ's Farrell: MX Vs. ATV Alive 'Not A Successful Experiment'

THQ's efforts to attract more players -- and more resultant DLC revenues -- by offering MX vs. ATV at a reduced price point was "not a successful experiment," according to CEO Brian Farrell.

Speaking in a Gamasutra-attended conference call accompanying the company's recent earnings statement, Farrell told investors and analysts the game was an attempt to "take some of our learnings from the free-to-play market and apply them to the console world."

But while the lower $39.99 price point "gave us good acceleration of sales, it just wasn't enough to drive the installed base to what we wanted to do," he said.

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dangert122611d ago

Its a good game but not a game I would pay for lol
they should of tried with red faction lol

2610d ago
Drjft2611d ago

MX v ATV: Alive was a heap of shit.

Reflex as an amazing game, it was fun, looked great and played well.

Then this piece of shit came out, with minimal gameplay levels, ugly visuals and a ramped down terrain deformation engine.

That's why it failed.

Rob Hornecker2610d ago

I use to be a fan of this series,BUT alive was a big disappointment, The only good thing about it was the price. Why is it that every time a new addition of this game comes out,it gets worse?

I think the people that made this game need to go back to the PC and try playing Motocross Madness 2!!! It will always be 1 of my all time favorite games!

When the next MX vs Atv comes out,I will rent it instead of buying it.