Nintendo financials: Wii owners buy more games than DS owners

Nintendo Gal goes through Nintendo's newest financial report, and comes out with some interesting observations.

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iNFAMOUZ12398d ago

I'm surprised anyone buys your games nintendo.

Rrobba2398d ago

Expected, IMO. I've always bought and enjoyed home console games more than handheld games.

I have 17 Wii games, 20 PS3 games and 22 PC games.

In comparison, I have 10 Gameboy Advance games and 7 PSP games.

2398d ago
Kee2398d ago

DS doesn't have too many games to be honest.

jaymart2398d ago

DS has far more better games then the PSP does.

chadachada1232398d ago

Truthfully, I pretty much only buy the handheld systems for Pokemon and maybe another couple of games per generation.

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