SMT: Persona 2: Innocent Sin Gets Bonus Soundtrack + New Screenshots | Sestren

Sestren: "Atlus has announced that with each launch copy of Persona 2: Innocent Sin that you will get a free mini-soundtrack that includes 10 tracks from the games musical score."

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CrescentFang2547d ago

Well I guess I shouldn't have expected the full OST like they did last time with the first Persona for the PSP, which was like 2009? I hope Sony keeps good support for PSP after Vita launch... we still are waiting for some games to (possibly) come over here... Trails in the Sky SC, why do I feel like you're doomed :(
Also with the announcement of the Vita, the UMD format is basically dead... now I don't feel like opening my unopened PSP games at all...

TheColbertinator2547d ago

Can't wait for Persona 2 Innocent Sin.I never played it since it was Japan only and now I get to finish it properly.

tiffac2547d ago

I was able to play Eternal Punishment which is kind of like a sequel for this game. So I'll be happy to play this one once its release.

Atlus FTW!