Nintendo's Arrogance and the 3DS

Gamerfeed: "Nintendo's announced 3DS price cut is one of those odd bits of news that leaves me feeling mixed. I'm not an overly opinionated gamer, nor a fanboy of any particular brand, but my general reaction to most of the goings-on in the gaming industry tends to fall between "rolling my eyes" and "tugging my beard in interest."

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EYEamNUMBER12612d ago

everyone of the big 3 is arrogant at one point the thing is though NONE of them ever really learn

after the bubble burst they take it easy and say they learned their lesson after the bubble gets filled again its like the past never happened

CrazyForGames2612d ago

if you stop and think about it we got allot of arrogance all around the past few years

sphinct2612d ago


I think you really hit the nail on the head. A lot of mistakes due to arrogance and not learning from them. I just don't see why it is so hard for these companies to learn from the past.

MaxXAttaxX2612d ago

Nintendo needs that price drop. Aside from the minor improvement in graphics, the 3D effect is not enough for a lot of people. It'd pretty cool if the 3DS was launched with several good original games instead of resorting to remakes/re-releases. Maybe with a price drop I'll give buy a 3DS some more thought. GAMES!

darthv722612d ago

it just depends on how you view the company behind it. There are many who would say the early ps3 price cuts back to back was a desperate move to regain sales.

Those seeing it like that are more prone to not be as interested in what sony had to offer where as others would view it as a good move because it is cheaper now and they could afford it.

Same thing with the 360. There are some serious hold outs that go so far as to say they wouldnt get one if it was free. Seriously??? What kind of thinking is that? That is spite talking.

With nintendo, they did what others had done. Trying the sell the newer model higher based off the popularity and name. They feel people will buy it because they are nintendo and it is the new ds model. That didnt work but they are reacting quickly to resolve the issue before it continues to get out of hand.

If anything, it really comes down to the marketing of the product. They are trying to build up this product while maintaining the popularity of the older ds and dsi. If they just change gears and put more effort into marketing the 3ds AS a ds AND dsi plus much more and discontinue mfg of the ds/dsi this would be the model to get.

Companies must know when to cut the strings of older stuff and turn their attention to what is now. You sell off the old stock and bring the current stock into reasonable price range.

Urrakia342612d ago

Yea for example:

Sony was arrogant with the launch of the PS3.

Nintendo was arrogant with the launch of the 3DS.

Microsoft was arrogant with the claims that their exclusives are the best.

Inside_out2612d ago

What a mess...I doubt many early adopters will be happy because they probably have those antique games that Niny is throwing in already.

Arrogance is a great description of these guys and hopefully, this is a sign that people are finally getting the big picture with these guys.

The Wii was a great success that did a lot of things well but it should of been replaced THIS year but again, Nintendo is addicted to all the money the suckers are giving them for a system that probably cost $30 to make these days and want to wait another holiday cycle.

The stock is down 40% and it will go lower and I tell you right now, shareholders are starting to look for blood. Watch as the little Japanese guys start running to the hills and hide their money as the shareholders are left to pick up the pieces. :/

Muletroid2612d ago

sony was very arrogant this generation with the ps3 were anyone getting the big picture with them? no

its as EYE said arrogance comes full circle with all of these gaming companies

Peaceful_Jelly2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

at least Sony didn't result to directly insult gamers because of their lack of perception of the market like Nintendo did during the N64 days. Calling the gamers loners and stuff... People often rant about Sony's arrogance but there has never been a company more arrogant than Nintendo.

Pedobear Rocks2612d ago

@Peaceful Jelly....

Nintendo has nothing on arrogance compared to my company.

Steve Jobs
- sent from my iPad

StanSmith2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

@ peaceful_jelly

Sony's arrogance was at an all time high before the PS3 released. They directly insulted many with it's high price tag and then had the balls to say people would get a 2nd job to own their console.

EYE hit the nail on the head. They have all been arrogant. The company who is most arrogant though is Microsoft. They never once apologised for RROD. Still to this day they claim only a minority were affected by it.

Sony on the other hand screwed up with PSN security and apologised and then gave us the welcome back package.

Now, Nintendo have cut the price of the 3DS & they could have just ignored the early adopters but the didn't. They acknowledged their support and are giving 20 free games for free to them. That is hardly arrogance.

MaxXAttaxX2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

Quote from the article:
- "It's no secret that 3DS is not expensive to build. It's not like the PS3 where Sony launched it at $600 and was still losing money. Some analysts have put the production cost of the 3DS at about $100 per unit"

It's true. PS3 owners got a better deal with the PS3.

Didn't want to post that, but since you brought it up, I had to mention it.

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Optical_Matrix2612d ago

I still don't get how a Microsoft fanboy out of all people is crying the most about arrogance

BeardedGamerShow2612d ago

A mix of a lacking game lineup and the rise of mobile devices are severely hindering the 3DS. Now they'll be 30% cheaper when the PS Vita launched, which should prove quite the challenge for Sony this holiday season.

AO1JMM2612d ago

OOOOh looky an opinion....


Troll-without-Bridge2612d ago

B#%ch please. If you start an article saying that you are not a fanboy nor an overly opinionated person then you probably are.

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