Sony Executive Comments On A Little Known PS3 Exclusive

Check out the first details on the upcoming PS3 exclusive: RA One. The game is being published by Sony Europe and India and being developed by Trine.

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disturbing_flame2402d ago

Video games based on movies are always done fast, with very cheap tools and are random as hell.

When you see games based on Hollywood movies looking so awful you can't expect more than an indian game based on an indian film, even if it's exclusive.

Can be cool for the indian market.

Curious to see what indian developers can do on PS3, but with an original licence.

Electroshocked2402d ago

I clicked on this article hoping that it had something to do with Agent. I am now pretty disappointed.

subtenko2401d ago

Sony just made the first gameplay trailer of a PS9 game!!! (other than the ps9 commercial)

Finally, this is their "matrix-like" technology in action. Not sure if I wanna play every game with the ps9 tho...I mean who wants to actually be in games like Resident Evil 6? thats a frikken nightmare! lol, excited either way tho B-)

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SolidStoner2401d ago

subtenko -

LOL what are you smoking? :)))

Cpt_kitten2402d ago

......that trailer for the movie looked horrible

SilentNegotiator2402d ago

Bollywood. That is probably all you need to know. lol

tawak2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

"curry hero"

DaTruth2401d ago

Bu, bu, bu, but, this is teh Sony fanboy site where everything Sony is worshiped to high heaven... especially teh exclusives!!!/s

Where are these guys now?

waltyftm2402d ago

That looks like my kind of Movie, might make a fun game.

Eyeco2402d ago

movie games are never good there have been a few exceptions Goldeneye, The warriors and Spiderman 2 that game was amazing other than that they all tend to suck

DanSolo2402d ago

Spiderman 2 wasn't really a game from the movie though... more just a Spiderman game that came out around the same time as the movies!

blumatt2402d ago

I quite enjoyed the Matrix game on the PS2. That game was awesome! It even included actual movie cutscenes that filled in plot gaps from the second two movies. So neat.

Electroshocked2402d ago

I enjoyed those sandbox/open world Harry Potter games, but then again I love the film series.

Brownghost2401d ago

-toy story 3
-quantum of solace
-prince of Persia

Were every good movie games

DarkBlood2401d ago


if your talking about the forgotten sands game that was release alongside the sands of time movie then that was not a movie game

the game took place between the sands of time game and warrior within, i say the only movie related thing in there is the look of persia hair and the costume with the exception of the medallian

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jessupj2402d ago

No Love for the lotr games? Most of them anyway.

TheRacingX2402d ago

I'll give props to that, I thought the two towers was really well done, especially for last gen systems that didn't have muscle the new ones have

MOTY2402d ago

"The game is coming out on the PlayStation 3 as well as the PlayStation 3."

Huh? Well that's a relief that it's coming out on the PS3, but I wasn't aware that it was ALSO coming out on the PS3. Good job Sony. Does that count as 1 or 2 more exclusives?

Just curious.

Capt-FuzzyPants2402d ago

Im pretty sure it counts as two. But fair question.

DaTruth2401d ago

It's not an exclusive! Not only is it releasing on the PS3, but it's also releasing on the PS3!

Oldman1002402d ago

They would make a lot more money if they were to also release it for the ps3. I wonder why they're only releasing it on the ps3 and the ps3?

gameseveryday2401d ago

Thanks for the heads up. corrected.

R8342401d ago

"inFamous and inFamous are perhaps one of the best things that have come to the PlayStation 3"

I wonder if that's inFamous on the Playstation 3 or the Playstation 3? Maybe both.

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BattleAxe2402d ago

GamingBolt is many articles are you going to make from one interview. You guys have been running articles from the same interview for the past 2 or 3 weeks. GamingBolt = Garbage site.

gameseveryday2401d ago

That was the last piece and its been only 3 days since we ran a story on this. not 3 weeks.

The entire interview will probably blow your mind :D

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