Who Makes a Better Call of Duty?

Ever since Activision decided to release a new Call of Duty game every year, with Treyarch and Infinity Ward taking turns developing the titles, fans of the series started choosing sides. At first, Infinity Ward was an immediate favorite because not only were they the original CoD developers, but they were also responsible for 2007's Modern Warfare, a game that undeniably took the series to new heights in terms of both quality and popularity. That forced Treyarch into the role of the underdog, a sort of filler to keep fans entertained while they waited for the next Modern Warfare. Then in 2010, Black Ops came along and it broke new records for the series and managed to earn the love of many fans that had previously pledged their allegiance to Modern Warfare.

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DEA Fresh2616d ago

IW did make the best COD 4.

They made a lot of mistakes w MW2 and made it worse by never correcting them and then losing have their studio.

Black Ops added a lot w theater, combat training, wager matches, the emblem creator, and really balanced out the weapons, perks, and attachments. Add in how deep the zombies mode has become and right now treyarch is definitely on top. MW3 is IW's chance to answer but I think their best days are behind them. It would be hard for them too mess up as bad as they did w MW2 though

ape0072616d ago

no offence but if it wasn't for IW, treyarch would still develop spiderman games

IW ftw

I liked black ops btw but not as much as CoD4 or Mw2

Inside_out2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

I suspect that things will become a lot more interesting as the teams re-arm and prepare for the next waves of games.

Treyarch is a different dev now as they embrace the MW community and what it is they want along with their zombie wanting fans as well.

Sledgehammer ( Deadspace 1 ) has a COD game on the go that has been put on hold as they help IW finish up MW3.

Raven, the makers of the underated Singularity, have also pitched in and it has become a real team effort.

Who's the best???

Why does one need to be better than the other or the best??? The winners are the gamers that will be able to play MW3 this November.

ddkshah2616d ago

Respawn Entertainment ;)

MysticStrummer2616d ago

I'd say Treyarch, simply because of Zombie mode. I stopped buying Call of Duty games after World at War, but I would buy a standalone zombie game by them.

ape0072616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

IW of course

btw, i got high hopes for MW3, I gotta a feeling that sledghammer might do it

the campaign looks SICK

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