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Megabits of Gaming writes: "We loved Batman: Arkham Asylum. The combination of smooth combat, clever puzzle solving and exploration kept us hooked for hours. With Batman: Arkham City on the horizon we thought we’d come up with a list of tweaks and improvements we’d like to see in the sequel."

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Ibwib2610d ago

I should point out that I'm a helpless Bat-nerd.

Tortilla2610d ago

Co-op definitely my top choice. That would be awesome. And what about being able to adopt the Bruce Wayne persona every now and again to get about the place undetected?

Ibwib2610d ago

More Alfred too. English Butler snark is the very best kind of snark.

Brownghost2610d ago

if they bring the voice from the animated series that would be great but batman has oracle for intel and help

Brownghost2610d ago

co op with cat woman would be great also i want to be able to mark enemies on the screen cause im sick of going to detective to look for whos left other than that im going to buy the game

Brownghost2610d ago

man i wanna buy that poster of batman about to beat the hell out of harley quinn

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