That Game of 2011 You Bought and Wished You Hadn’t? – These Are What We Picked

We have now officially passed the half way point of 2011 – and already we have had several must-buy titles, as well mas many we wish we had saved our cash.
As always, we’re in the middle of the ’summer draught,’ where the rate of games being released declines compared to the start of the year. As publishers are holding back all of their titles for the holiday season – we gamers finally get time to finish up the games we’ve purchased, let our wallets recover somewhat. Though, the recovery process would have been easier if we hadn’t have blown all that money on THOSE games. You know the ones we’re talking about – the ones where you look back and think ‘why?’

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dougr2491d ago

for me it was Socom 4. I was really stupid. I bought Killzone 3 just for the beta code, didn't like the game at all, when I found out PS+ were getting it first I bought a year of PS+, and I bought the game day one. I didn't like the beta but I hoped the game would be better upon release based on promises by Zipper. Well that didn't work out, so I traded it to best buy to get NCAA 12, Infamous 2 and Donkey Kong during there buy 2 get 1 free sale a few weeks ago. Socom is that game for me big time!

ReservoirDog3162491d ago

Haha, probably Brink. Looked so good at first, then it looked meh. Decided to pass.

But my hyping it up to a friend for weeks made her decide to buy it, in turn expecting me to buy it. She says she loves it but she passed on Portal 2 for it. Which pains me since I've yet to try the co-op for it.


GamerEuphoria2491d ago

One of our staff was in tears over Brink after he played it at Eurogamer expo 2010, it was fantastic then but on release it was just a utter mess

MysticStrummer2491d ago

Brink for me also. I had such high hopes, but ended up regretting the purchase.

Servbot412491d ago

A friend of mine bought that after I repeatedly told him it was trash. He took it back to Gamestop within an hour and told them he'd preorder four copies of Battlefield 3 if they'd take a return, and if they didn't take it back he was going to just break the disc in half right there.

StarWolf2491d ago

Killzone 3 . i shouldve listened to my instincts. But then again GG promised a gigantic patch shortly after launch but it took them 4 months and still the game is broken imo. Radar always on? Cmon..yea right.

Venjense2491d ago

Bulletstorm definitely.

Also, I could have had just as much fun with Portal 2 if I rented it.

2491d ago
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