Mad Catz FightStick Bags Messenger & Carrier Details

Mad Catz has just posted on their site their official FightStick Bags. Two versions to fit your needs, the Messenger for light travel, and the Carrier for the more serious. Check them out here. Pre-order details inside.

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CrescentFang2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

hm I have a HRAP3-SA I may nee on of these, but for the 29.99 one, what happened to the ball top? It's gone? The 49.99 looks very nice, since it doesn't look like you have to remove the ball top... though the price is kind of high, their store has sales from time to time...
(note I'm no fighting game expert so what I probably didn't use the right terminology lol)
EDIT: Wait I forgot, will my HRAP3-SA even fit? lol

BatRastered2610d ago

The cheaper one has a little cover that slips over the stick and is attached to the inside of the bag with a string.