Twisted Metal Demo Planned Alongside Release

TGH Writes: Another tidbit that we received during our Q&A session with Drew Bradford is the status of a demo for the anticipated Twisted Metal. We asked this as a follow up regarding the lack of a public beta planned at this point (roughly two months from release) and we got an answer we really did not expect with a Sony exclusive title

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ShadyDevil2425d ago

At least we get a demo..however no beta so far :(

guitarded772425d ago

Yeah, I want a beta... already got the game pre-ordered and I wanna get my fix.

MidnytRain2425d ago

I'm happy there's a demo. I haven't played a vehicular combat game since Hot Wheels: Velocity X for my Game Cube.

guitarded772425d ago

Whatever you do, DON'T play Blood Drive... that game is horrible.

Goozex2425d ago

Demo goes first to the + subscribers.

gustave1542425d ago

Can't wait for the demo!