Unearthed head: Let players be the judge if the game is similar to any other title or not

MEGamers has a chit-chat with lead game designer Ahmad Jadallah of the upcoming action adventure title Unearthed, Saudi's first big budget title. They quiz him on what players expect from the game, and of course, the similarities between it and Uncharted.

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Kran2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

I just think that if you're going to make a clone to one of the greatest franchises of this generations, they need to make it better than the franchise they are trying to clone. So far from what they have shown, they have failed horrendously.

Plus they could have given it a better name. The only reason they called it Unearthed was to get the same attention as Uncharted.

NukaCola2613d ago

Agreed. If you are going to clone, don't half ass it. This looks like another Quantum Theory.

WhiteLightning2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )


I'm a player and I think it's way t similar to Uncharted...basicaly a clone

Fair enough if it was about just one lone guy going out for treasure with blonde mid length hair who was totaly differen't from Drake and they also came up with there own gameplay mechanics then fair enough it's a little bit differen't but look at's like a "what if" Activision made an Uncharted game

Even the little grenade symbols are the same

b_one2613d ago

Guys at Naughty Dog loled so hard when they heard about Uneartched...

Phantom-Deutschland2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

unearthed = fail of the year

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The story is too old to be commented.