Why Nintendo's exciting 3DS price drop is also depressing

Nintendo's recent move to cut 3DS's price - to the point of losing money per 3DS sold is all a bit depressing as well as exciting, especially when 3DS now sells for around as much as a DSi in some territories. Will a price cut alone be enough to drive sales to the Wii's non-gaming audience?

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Ulf2579d ago

I am excited to see what the DSi drops to. It'd be foolhardy to keep the DSi at $149.99, with this change, after all.

$129.99 maybe?

disgaeapuchi2579d ago

Absolutely - and the DS Lite recently saw a price drop to $100. $120-130 would be nice for a DSi.

darthv722579d ago

for 169 when it launched. I'll pick this one up at 169 as well. I can see nintendo discontinuing release of the dsl/dsi hardware if this thing takes off.

A price drop can be seen as desperation or smart marketing. There is an old phrase. "You always pay more for less" and in this case, paying for a ds or dsi would be stupid considering that the small amount more for the 3ds gets you everything the others can do too.

This is a classic case of the better deal is on the newer model.

zerocrossing2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

anyone else predict a 3DSiXL?

Disagree all you want, This is Nintendo they're not stupid and it will happen.

dgroundwater2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

An XL and a Lite. Totally will happen and I will hold off on purchasing a 3DS till one of them drops next year.

DNAbro2579d ago

considering the first upgrade didn't happen till 2 years, i doubt it's happening soon.

zerocrossing2579d ago

I plan to get a 3DS as soon as there's something worth buying one for, so far 3D remakes and games that just use 3D without it really adding much just haven't been that appealing to me.

StbI9902579d ago

I will wait anyway, lite please.

Like I say, sheeps those who adopt them first.

Cpt_kitten2579d ago

how bout why ive seen 500 articles of this already and still dont care

Kalowest2579d ago

How in the hell is it depressing, I didn't know saving money was a bad thing.

egidem2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

He doesn't mean that way. He's saying that the fact that Ninty dropped 1/3 of the price in just 6 months shows that thing didn't go as planned by Ninty, especially seeing that their long time nemesis Sony and their Vita is at a competitive price point.

@Seferoth75 -
"I just see it as a way of keeping ahead of Sony. The whole "things didnt go as planned" sounds more like wishful thinking when you look at its sales WW."

I meant what I said. 2 Reasons as to why Ninty is slashing the price so soon at a 33% margin is because it's not selling as well as they expected AND also due to the fact that it would be a stupid decision to keep pricing it at $250 while the competition (vita) would be available at the same price BUT with soo much value in it.

I believe Ninty made 2 mistakes with the 3DS.

1) Launching it at such a high price point
2) The very little software available at launch that has yet to grow.

People won't just drop $250 on it if they have no large library of games to play on it.

Kalowest2579d ago

True, Im not even going to try, and disagree with you. Because of this price drop the 3DS is going to start selling better also.

Seferoth752579d ago

I just see it as a way of keeping ahead of Sony. The whole "things didnt go as planned" sounds more like wishful thinking when you look at its sales WW.

darthv722579d ago

i see it as they didnt want to prolong the agony of weak sales like sony had to endure after it launched.

The ps3 had two price drops and various bundles to try and entice consumers. Nintendo tried to sell on name and popularity but realized that doesnt work.

Sony tried doing the same and kept trying until they figured out that lowering the price is what needed to be done. Only thing held out longer and nintendo isnt.

I'd be shocked if this drop doesnt skyrocket sales of the 3ds above the ds/dsi. With it selling at a reasonable price, nintendo has no reason to keep production of the ds/dsi and focus their attention on the 3ds. The 3ds does what the ds/dsi do combined and they can easily get new consumers playing all 3 types of games in one system. DS,downloadable and 3d.

MasterCornholio2579d ago

I was never expecting Nintendo to drop the price this fast. I was expecting at least a year and a half without a price-drop. Anyways those who complained about the price have less to complain about now

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