Nintendo 3DS: The 3D is not the problem

4Player - "Nintendo has over-saturated the market with their own handhelds that people simply see no reason to buy another one at this time. Maybe Nintendo figured that the 3D technology was so impressive that people would break through any financial, or even redundancy, barrier and cash in. Or maybe they, themselves, lost a handle on just how many of these things were out there in the first place. Just look at the release dates for the DS. Nintendo DS – 2004, Nintendo DS Lite – 2006, Nintendo Dsi & Nintendo Dsi-XL – 2008, and finally Nintendo 3DS – 2011. Nintendo has released a new handheld almost every two years, and two in one year. It’s not so much that there aren’t any games for the 3DS than people simply have it already. And it’s surprising that a company who pretty much saved gaming from the Video Game Crash wouldn’t recognize market saturation when it was staring them straight in the face."

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BakedGoods2458d ago

Wow, great post.

Finally, on N4G we can intelligently criticize companies without being labelled a 'fanboy'.

Kreyg2458d ago

This article is right, the problem isn't the 3D, the problem is that Nintendo pretty much released a DS with 3D and really failed in the innovation department this time around.

StbI9902458d ago

Lol, so much backlash for the proud nintendo fanboys, but with vita 320 thingy ramn going, willing it to fail too.

charmer2458d ago

3d is the huge advantage the 3ds with great games and pricing...its taking off