Race Driver GRID Drift Mode Gameplay

Final Level takes advantage of the deals from last week and take to the track on Race Driver Grid, this video shows off the drift mode.

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Septic2546d ago

Guys, if you are racing fans in any way, you owe yourself the opportunity to buy this game. It is amazing.

Jdub895O2545d ago

yup first grid was awesome....should of bought it.

CernaML2545d ago

I wonder how well this game plays with a Logitech G27. It is absolutely incredible in Dirt 3 so I may snag me a digital copy of Grid depending on how cheap it is on Steam. I may also try Shift 2. Wasn't impressed by the first but the sequel looks promising. Anybody have any recommenations for somthing closer to the Gran Turismo/ Forza series though?

kmanmx2545d ago

iRacing if you want realism. TDU2 Is an awesome game for car lovers who just like to cruise in there million dollar cars, clutch and shifter works well with it too on the G27.

dirthurts2545d ago

I want another grid dang it!

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