Battlefield 3 recieved equal number of pre-orders as Black Ops

Battlefield 3 is receiving the same amount of pre-orders as Black Ops did, but what is the reason MW3 Doubled the amount of pre-orders received as Black Ops?

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Septic2492d ago

There are so many conflicting reports on actual numbers that I've lost interest.

I'll wait for the final figures post release....that is if I get a chance to tear myself away from the game!

jriquelme_paraguay2492d ago

dont know...
but i only know, i will buy BF3 only.
and thats what i only care about...
CoD can sale bazillions...
on BC2 im about 500hr+ Lvl.50
and i still enjoying it.
60 dollars and 500+ hs of fun!? DEAL!

ps. forgive my english LOL

thorstein2492d ago

I will buy BF3 first. That is for sure. When I am done and enjoyed it thoroughly (also the same amount of time IW will spend fixing all the glithes and bugs in MW3) I will move on to the arcadey shooter MW3. It will be cheaper and the cheaters will have moved on to Black Ops 2.

thorstein2492d ago

Besides: "MW3 is BF3's Wookie Bitch NOW!"

joydestroy2492d ago

i'll be happy when it's 2012 so most of these articles are behind us...

every day has apparently been a slow news day for the past several months.

LightSamus2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

I doubt Battlefield will sell more than MW3, not because it's the inferior title, MW3 just has such a huge fanbase, I don't see anything being able to outsell it currently.

Cpt_kitten2492d ago

gotta love it when people are so desperate to say a game is bad that they have to bring in sales when those don't count for the quality of the it won't sell as much as MW3 the difference that dose not buy it will be missing out on an awesome game and have to live with the same game they bought last year

Ravenor2492d ago

Yep, the CoD will sell more then game X argument shouldn't be allowed here. I don't care how much a game sells, unless I have some kind of attachment to the studio that develops a game.

DanSolo2492d ago

Can't say I really care which game has more sales or pre-orders.... I mean come on, it's a game.... buy it, play it, have fun.... forget all the petty idiocy!

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The story is too old to be commented.