Post Release Bastion Interview – A PS3 Version of Bastion isn’t Out of the Question

SuperGiant Games’ own Bastion was the first title to kick off this years ‘Summer of Arcade’ on Xbox360. Even before release we knew we had something special here – through it’s rich setting as the world builds around you.

If you didn’t know, this spectacle was brought to you, not from a big budget development team, but from a small devoted group of people. One of which agreed to bring you the following interview to recap the post release feelings of Bastion, how it come to life and what’s in store for us next.

Let me introduce to you, the man who was in charge of writing and design, Greg Kasavin:

Did you find that working in a smaller team was more beneficial and rewarding? And do you think it provided a sense of charm to Bastion?

Greg: I can’t say enough good things about what it’s like working on a smaller team and on this team in particular. The cofounders of Supergiant Games and I used to work together at Electronic Arts in Los Angeles, on the Command & Conquer team. It was a great, high-performance team, but at the same time, we never could have made a game like Bastion working for EA. Our small team size here at Supergiant not only meant fewer people were around to shoot down any of our ideas for what could make an interesting play experience, we were also able to work much faster than usual. If someone on the team has an idea, we can typically get it into the game in the same day in some form. Rapid iteration is the best way to get to a high-quality result.
What’s more, each individual on our team was as invested as possible in the end result, because he or she owned a major portion of the game experience. For example, without Darren Korb our game wouldn’t have had its incredible soundtrack or audio. Without Logan Cunningham, it wouldn’t have had its voice that’s so essential to its character. And so on. Gavin Simon wrote all our tools and created a game engine that could run fast and smooth, plus he did all the gameplay programming. Andrew Wang got the whole thing running beautifully on the Xbox 360 — we couldn’t have shipped a console game anytime soon without him. Amir ran the whole studio while serving as lead designer. I wrote the story and narration. To whatever extent the game is charming, I think that’s partially a byproduct of the game being unfiltered. We didn’t have too many cooks in the kitchen so the output of our individual efforts I think was very true to our intentions.

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OllieBoy2609d ago

A year later as usual.

I love how MS pays off these devs just to keep their games off the PS3, just for a little while only.

Linko642609d ago

Business aint it, either way the game is awesome sauce

TheDivine2609d ago

Ms prob help publish it and build hype for summer arcade sales in exchange they get a year exclusive. These developers cant afford to launch on all systems so they go with the one with the best market, xbla. They pretty much made braid, limbo, bastion, insanely twisted shadow planet all guaranteed successes by going this route. Once they get sales then they can port to the ps3 for a few more sales. It makes buisiness sense. I like how ms helps indy dev then lets them go out to other systems, its better for the dev than having sony give them some cash and only bieng on psn forever. Thats why all the big titles go to xbla.

ndl15312609d ago

yes cause everything released on xbla is a guaranteed success ? and release it later on psn for "teh few more sales" you hold xbla in such high regard im smelling a fanboy . im a sony fan by the way and i don't usually care for this $hit but don't go preaching like xbla is "teh bestest evar" and psn isn't relevant. remember there are more psn accounts than xbla

SixTwoTwo2609d ago

When you consider the fact that Bastion was made by 5 people in a garage, yes 5 people, a day one multiplatform release was probably impossible.

Kungfue2609d ago

Timed exclusive as usual...

from Dust


BakedGoods2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Beyond Good & Evil
Warhammer: Kill Team

Solidus187-SCMilk2609d ago

This game is great, if it comes to Ps3 you should buy it. It might also come to steam before that so you should hook up a pad to your PC and play it on steam if you can.

Im happy to support a small team who mad this great game as their first one.

lochdoun2609d ago

It's published by Warner Bros, why wouldn't they put it on PS3?

chaos9992609d ago

Read the interview. The answer is even in their website, read the FAQ.

I'll wait the release on Steam.

2609d ago