PlayStation Vita Pushed Nintendo to Cut 3DS Price?

IndustryGamers: The price drop has some serious implications for Nintendo, Sony and the handheld space overall. The most interesting aspect of it, analysts agree, is that Nintendo is suddenly getting aggressive to defend its handheld turf. It would appear that there is a level of concern about Sony's strong push with the PlayStation Vita, expected to launch at year's end.

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Sinner101GR2551d ago

I can see that....but 3DS simply has not been selling.

donniebaseball2551d ago

I'm not so sure people will want to pay $249 for Vita either. I think 3DS definitely put itself in a much better spot now with the cheaper price.

PSVita2551d ago

It wasn't the price of the 3ds that was the problem,it's what it offered.

pain777pas2551d ago

There will be challenges for both platforms going forward. Sony got hit today and Nintendo is poised to repeat. That is a significant reduction before the holidays. Sony must release this thing this year to compete. I think the Vita is still a great value but the 3DS is now tempting.

charmer2551d ago

vita is not even out so thats silly to think nintendo made the move because of that...besides vita offers nothing new