Killzone + Metroid designers working on Halo 4

With Bungie relinquishing the reins of the prized Halo franchise and 343 Industries stepping in to craft a new trilogy, there is a huge pressure to fill in for the mammoth expectations the franchise holds in the hearts of millions of gamers worldwide. So the division dug deep into Microsoft's pocket and got some of the best talent money could buy in the industry. Brilliance would be an adjective that would be inadequate to describe the people who are working on the game, here is a sample of that brilliance.

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822119862613d ago

I loved the mission design of Metroid Prime was close to brilliant...Metroid Prime 2 got a lil warped..Metroid 3 jumped right back into the game..

UnSelf2613d ago

*envisions Helghan soldiers who morph into balls*


NewMonday2613d ago

MS aren't cutting any corners with Halo 4.

thugbob2612d ago

LMAO! Halo 4 is ruined! The man responsible for killing Killzone 3's Multiplayer is working on Halo 4 lmao!


You have been warned lol.

darthv722612d ago

I am taking this information at face value. They hired a few people with experience from other games.

Is that good or bad......remains to be seen. To many time have we been told that "from a director of (enter big name movie here) comes (next so-called big name movie)" Only to find that one or two guys that did some work dont make up the entire talent that brought that big name movie to the screen.

As if they are just using the association of that person to hype things. I dont like that. Lets just let 343 (and whoever else) do their work and judge for ourselves when its ready.

Also....a new "trilogy"????? Halo is based on the ring worlds the forerunner created and take place on. You cant have a new "halo" if there arent any halo's in the universe.

I hope it doesnt turn out like final fantasy. Meaning that every subsequent FF game has been in name only because the substance certainly wasnt there to call it something else and let it sell on its own merits.

StarWolf2612d ago

i agree with thugbob, killzone 3 was garbage in comparison to killzone2. Look at my avatar, im a fan of the series but not a good sign for Halo

NewMonday2612d ago

while "Halo" is the origin of the franchise, i think they should expand the world beyond the rings now. as long as they are consistent with the universe created.

Legion2612d ago


What makes you think the rings are gone? It's not like there was only a few rings out there.

And the Halo name can be still relevant if they continue down the line of the forerunners and even hint at the technology with Master Chief possibly bringing an end to all the remaining Halo technology or something in the 3rd chapter of the second trilogy?

And I don't see why it isn't a 2nd trilogy. Star wars even went back and made a second trilogy. They chose to use the first part of the Star Wars galaxy as their 2nd trilogy.

A trilogy or series even can still have an on going theme or story from previous thoughts. Just that the stories in a trilogy are broken down and self-contained in their telling. Just as the second trilogy regardless of timeline can be told within its self-contained story.

TheKayle2612d ago

ppll readdd the newss before write bs...R DESIGNERSSSS
if kz3 is bad in multiplayer..isnt fault of the designer of the stuff in the game just a fault of the programmers :)

and they r still first party for ps3 :D

Dee_912612d ago

1 guy that workd on KZ3 1 guy that worked on metroid out of possibly hundreds are working on the new halo
TEH KZ3 designers and METROID designers work on HALO 4 !!

lol im jking this is good gaming news .. finally

Micro_Sony2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )


September 25th marks the 4 year anniversary of Halo 3. We will celebrate this day by keeping the Halo 3 community alive and playing it at 2pm Eastern Time. We will hopefully make the servers as populated as they were before, and prevent MS from taking down the Halo 3 online servers to make us play Halo Reach, while also bringing the original Halo experience back to life. Pass this on to other videos and thumbs up so people will know!

ChrisW2612d ago

Well... Bungie's Halos were fun. I'm not expecting the same level of quality with Guerrilla Games, but hopefully they won't ruin the 'fun' part.

pixelsword2612d ago

I like "Ops" and hopefully they'll put more stages out; I don't like the fact that they took away the dynamic spawn areas, that was pure genius. Not being able to change secondary abilities like you could in the K2 makes 3 feel like a step backwards. They also didn't add the 1st person cover system and that's annoying. I wish devs would stop trying to be CoD while the games they make are better than CoD. Quit listening to the Critics, because most of them are idiots, and the rest are phonies. Almost every poster on N4G would be a better critic than the pros.

teething2612d ago

I have two points:

1. This blurs the line of fanboyism... who am I to trash if the developer worked on both Halo 4 and Killzone 3?

2. Now that fanboy hype for Killzone 3 has died, it is good to see people call a spade a spade and point out that Killzone 3 has its flaws... some serious. If you tried saying that around release you would get your head bitten off by the Sony defense force and be called a 360 troll.

RedDragan2612d ago

As above pointed out, you will lose bubbles quickly for rational thinking.

I am proof. From 5 bubs down to 2 for giving impartial opinions. Meh, I can still make two piece of opinion per article and that is enough.

darthv722612d ago

interesting you mention star wars. The thing with a series is generally a continuation or association with others in that series. Each movie was given its own name as a chapter in the entire story.

Halo was named for the ring world you fought on. The 2nd game took place on earth and up until you went to the 2nd "halo" I thought why call it halo 2. The association with the name was then clarified. Same goes on for Halo 3.

ODST and Reach, while being associated in the lore, are not taking place in the same sense as the 3 main games. It's as if they felt the game HAD to be associated or people would not buy it. Much like the FF example.

Each FF game is not connected to the previous one. We are not playing the evolutionary path of the charecter from the first to the last. I would thing that Square would get off that titling and give each game its own identity. We know there were a few that directly connect but others are simply FF in name and not true to the legacy of how it began.

Halo should not be used in the same context of star wars or even star trek. Those names are generalizations of the series with each entry having its own identity. Halo "episode" 4: Return of the Chief being a continuation of MC I can see happening IF it takes place on a 4th halo and so on.

When last we saw the MC he was adrift near a new world but not a "Halo" one.

insomnium22612d ago

Hilarious comment Unself! Brilliant! Bubs up for funny. It seems that not that many understood what you said as a joke.

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showtimefolks2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

graphics of killzone series
gameplay of halo series
online of mixed killzone and halo
and rest of metroid stuff

we could get a great halo game

has anyone ever wanted a 3rd person shooter halo game?

NewMonday2613d ago

KZ has great gameplay as well

Eyeco2612d ago


what purposley laggy controls= great ?

@showtimefolks Halo games have always been great why would it need the influence of an inferior shooter like Kz2 ? if i took the exploration aspect of metroid it could be interesting but KZ pffft

KwietStorm2612d ago

lol how does the graphics engine of Killzone suddenly get infused into Halo?

showtimefolks2612d ago

all i said is what i think would be cool and uall disagree lol


you are a fanboy because KZ series is great maybe play the damn game instead of hating on it god i hate fanboys


yes it has great gameplay

Muffins12232612d ago

not really? :/ i never wanted a 3rd person halo

sjaakiejj2612d ago

Except that Killzone's graphics were created by the technical team, not the level designer that's working at 343.

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Gray-Fox-Type02613d ago

wow some seriously people working on Halo 4 the beast.

Former Bungie employees.
Former Killzone employees
Former Metriod employees
Former MGS4 Producer

I forget the other ones. One was a popular asian lady.

Redgehammer2612d ago

Corrinne Yu is who I believe you are thinking about.

Gray-Fox-Type02612d ago

thats the one :D she is a very talented programmer worked on many games and even with nasa..

Redgehammer2612d ago

Yeah, she is a very talented individual, and a mastermind in 3d engines, the female Carmack.
For those of you unfamiliar with her you should check this out.

Muffins12232612d ago

they need to get the killzone employees out! In fact the person from killzone is not making multiplayer,he is only over viewing it,god who in the hell would make him in charge of multiplayer,he made the worst game this year,killzone 3.Its sales show it too

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fossilfern2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

I thought Prime 2 was better than 3. Prime 2 was like the Majoras Mask of the Metroid Prime series IMO, but Metroid and Killzone designers working on this game ? This sounds like a match made in heaven !

OhMyGandhi2612d ago

I agree.
what I like about news like this is that as new people are hired for the fourth iteration, you can EXPECT a fresh and unique approach to Halo. That's not to say that the game will be entirely different, but we can assume that basic movement and general shooting mechanics will be tweaked to match a possibly more mature;realistic Halo.

subtenko2612d ago

two things

1) Halo fans dont like kz and metroid because they are exclusives so they wanted nothing to do with them, and disses the they a a dev from each game is working on halo4 they are all of a sudden HAPPY with it? -_- *facepalm*

and 2)

"seeing as halo fans would be the first to say killzone and metroid are shit, because they are on rival consoles.

but now the devs who made those games are now making a halo game, i wonder if that makes halo shit?" -pcz

I like Halo, its not the best game ever made imo, but seeing how some of you are acting on here...shessh..

anyway, hopefully Halo4 is a good enough game to best the best in the series.

Agree of Disagree if you Agree

SixZeroFour2612d ago

you confuse fans with fanboys...i am a huge xbox/halo fan but ive always given killzone, along with other console exclusives, the respect they deserve whenever need be

subtenko2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

@SixZeroFour ,nah I mean Im talking about the fans who that applys too. In this case you wouldnt be one of those people man.

Halo4 needs to be EPIC!

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

Sony3602612d ago

Good to know they have great talent working on the next halo game.

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100002613d ago of both worlds..343 does have a lot to match up to...

DrFUD2613d ago

Halo fans have always hated Killzone so it looks like Halo 4 will suck

BrianG2613d ago

Well it isn't the entire dev team from Killzone 3, just one guy. I personally like his work with Level design in KZ3.

And I'm not so sure about Halo fans hating Killzone, I play both, don't see a problem with that.

KwietStorm2612d ago

Killzone 3 multiplayer map/spawn design was downright offensive, compared to Killzone 2.

BrianG2612d ago


In KZ2 it was possible at times to get spawn trapped to the point where it felt like escape wasn't an option. Unless of course you had someone risk themselves to get out a tactical spawn point.

I haven't felt like that yet in KZ3. Now to be fair I haven't been gaming online as much lately, so I don't have the same hours logged in to KZ3 as KZ2.

BeaArthur2613d ago

Well I love Halo and I also enjoy Killzone so there goes that well formed theory.

JasonBloodbourne2613d ago

i'm a halo and killzone fan so i'd like to know where u got your info from?

ASSASSYN 36o2613d ago

I am glad you speak for us halo gamers even though you have no idea WTF you are talking about. I hate terrorists, thieves, and republicans who give rich people more money. Video games... no hate there.

Jocosta2613d ago

I am a Halo fanatic and love KZ as well, it is possible you know.

Bonobo123452612d ago

seems a lot of people disliked kz3's multiplayer, referring to KZ2's as superior.

I played both extensively and thoroughly enjoyed the multiplayer components of both..

I get what people dislike in the changes to KZ3 but it was far better than Rocket spamming+ extra armour for that class, and spawn grenades in every objective.. I prefer the maps in KZ2 and the way the matchmaking was set up, but KZ3 is more balanced.

Both have ups and downs but regardless I see both as great games, I speak only for myself and my immediate friends though.

In regards to these people working on halo 4, I imagine there is severe restrictions as to what they can do with such a big franchise. I would not expect to see any influence from any of their previous projects, as I'm sure Microsoft will want it to remain as close to Halo as it can be...

Either way it looks like current Xbox owners can rest assured that they will end up with a great new Halo title.

Legion2612d ago

I can picture the arguments in the development meetings now. "Hey Pete... do we really want to take advice from the person who did Killzone? Every one laughs... and the Killzone team guy is ever picked on from that moment on. So sad. Developer bullies.

Micro_Sony2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

I think the guys will be busy checking out Corrinne Yu to pick on any one.

MS please hire me I will work for 2000 MS points a week :)

AO1JMM2612d ago

Generalise and assume much?
I ama diehard Halo fan and I enjoyed playing allthe Killzone games too.

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wwm0nkey2613d ago

They also have people that worked on DOOM 4

343i is basically the mixing pot of the video game world and it will be great to see what they come up with.

100002613d ago

I am personally inclined to the Metroid side of things...the Killzone guy has Chaos theory to his of the best SP games in terms of design...

BinaryMind2612d ago

TBH in these days of 200+ development teams, it's going to take a lot more than a handful of great designers to make a great game. Will have to wait and see...

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