PlayStation Vita: The Real Reason for a 3DS Price Drop

Nintendo announced today a price drop for the Nintendo 3DS bringing the cost of the system to just $169.99… a mere 6 months after launch. Sure, sluggish sales, 3D health concerns and lack of interesting software was partly to blame, but the real reason for the 3DS price drop, is the PlayStation Vita.

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JonnyBigBoss2614d ago

I'd be wetting my bed every night if I was Nintendo. Sony is on the rise in the handheld market.

The Great Melon2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

I really wonder how PSP would have fared if hacking and pirating didn't happen. I loved ripping games to my memory stick (yes I bought them and ripped them), so I could carry a library of games around. However I would have given that ability up to see a stronger handheld with more games and publisher support.

Anyways the consumer wins as result of competition. I now am considering buying a 3DS in the coming weeks.

Stealth2k2614d ago

the same thing that would of happened if the ds wasnt hacked.

LOGICWINS2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

"PlayStation Vita: The Real Reason for a 3DS Price Drop"

I thought they dropped the price because 3DS sales were underwhelming. Either way, I hope this price drop creates enough urgency for Sony to drop the price on Vita. Competition is great!

ksense2614d ago

If Vita doesn't sell well then I am just going to say unfortunately smart phones are the future of handheld gaming. Vita is doing everything right as far as what handheld gaming should be for the hardcore gamer and it would be a shame if it doesn't sell at that price. I really think Sony is doing everything right and the system will be a success.

guitarded772614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

There are several reasons for the price drop...
1. Lower than expected sales
2. High price causing lower sales
3. Smart phones making a huge dent in the mobile gaming market
4. PS Vita will launch at same price point with more features
5. Limited software at launch not helping sales
6. Many still happy with their DS and see no reason to upgrade right now
7. Late start to the virtual store not helping sales
8. A slow US and world economy (people have less to spend)

It all adds up to Nintendo having to make a choice... stay at $250 and risk an early death of the 3DS or at least having to dig itself out of a hole. Or dropping the price before the holiday season and hoping for a rebound in sales... with the current strategy, they may lose money on the hardware, but can make up for it in software sales.

miyamoto2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

I see that Sony did a great job at stalling potential 3DS buyers with the $250 PS Vita price point.

It really worked for Sony that January product placement. Like what happened with the Dreamcast and Xbox 360.

Sony is the master of this strategy.
But this time " The Price Is Right."

Come on Down!

... and the curse of the Nintendo Play Station lingers on and on....

Scary692613d ago

I actually was hoping for more of a $199.99 for the wifi and $249.99 for the 3G but who knows what will happen. But I don't see a price drop for the Vita, maybe more to come after Tokyo game show.

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Strange_Evil2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

The 3DS was never worth 250$. No matter how much the Nintendo fanbase tried to defend it, it was not worth the price tag(Esp with no decent games at launch). The thing just dropped 1/3rd it's price in 6 months which is no joke and Nintendo knows something really went wrong.

I still don't understand the move of launching the 3DS so early without any games. They could have easily launched the 3DS during the holiday season with a Mario game along with Zelda or some other first party at 200$ and could have dented any other handheld. Now that it's been out for like 6 months, by the time PSV comes out, people might think of it as previous gen (and the outdated hardware against PSV doesn't help either) and just jump on the PSV instead.

And don't even get me started on the stupid name. Most people don't even know that this is a generational upgrade. They just think it's a DS with 3D... Basically Nintendo themselves botched the 3DS launch... At least they are taking the correct steps now.

SSKILLZ2614d ago

Hell yeah bro and they better believe it x)

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SilentNegotiator2614d ago

'Wetting the bed' might be a bit extreme, lol, but Nintendo OBVIOUSLY lowered their price to compete with the Vita.

It's actually quite nice to see, for ONCE in 5 years, Nintendo having competitive pressure. The power of competition has lead to another win for consumers. 3DS was looking pretty expensive for just having 3D over the PSV, and now Nintendo is being more competitive to avoid losing their footing in the handheld market.

TyrionL2614d ago

@ jleack
What do you mean "if I was Nintendo"? We all know you wet the bed every night right now jleack.

StarWolf2614d ago

why would Nintendo be wetting the bed? One of the biggest reasons why Ds DEMOLISHED the PSP in sales was the price . I think Tretton and his boys are the ones that are gonna be wetting their beds. Im sure they knew Ninty would drop price but I doubt they thought it would be $80 bucks off so SOON.

Yea people can laugh and say "HA NINTENDO! scared!!" but at the end of the day, it should be "Wow Nice nintendo is still in the game.." but since website is overrun with PS children, youll see the first comment. no reason to NOT buy a 3ds at 169.99 without coupons . Ill probably get a vita if it gets some rpgs, right now ill be good with my 20 free games.

kreate2614d ago

so ... u are a nintendo fanboy?

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doctorstrange2614d ago

Sony always does best with their second iteration, so Ninty should have brought their A-game.

Misterhbk2614d ago

I hope sony offers some game bundles at launch. Uncharted or Modnation or something like that.

metsgaming2614d ago

Uncharted bundle would be best, the system, the game, maybe include a screen protector and an extended warranty for $300 would be awesome.

T3mpr1x2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

You've got a point - PS2 owned, second version of PS3 got it right with pricing and size, and now this second portable console from Sony is looking to kick ass and take names.

hilyou2614d ago

well said my man, bubbles 4 u.

yep its always true that sony does their best with their second iterationd, ps2, slim ps3, and now da vita is looking like the kille that will bring nintendo of their throne in the handheld world!

dbjj120882614d ago

pretty much the exact reason for the price drop, duhhhh

ftwrthtx2614d ago

Maybe they'll lower the launch price for the PS Vita. LOL We can always hope, right?

Peaceful_Jelly2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

with just the OLED screen I don't think Sony will be able to drop its price for a long time. And with people's perception of the PsP brand and 3DS at a more affordable price I think the PS Vita is in a bad position right now.

metsgaming2614d ago

thats why its good they arent calling it the psp2 the bad taste that people may have had with the psp doesnt exist with the vita. I actually like the name now it doesnt remind me of the psp which was a let down.

C0MPUT3R2614d ago

Can't wait for the PSVITA.