Battlefield 3 even has the best glitches

SystemLink says: "Battlefield 3 is currently being Alpha tested by lucky members of the public, with videos cropping up all over the place. Even in this early stage, DICE's latest looks to have the edge on graphics, gameplay and basically everything else just because it's so fresh (that's what a new engine can do for you). In fact, Battlefield 3 even seems to have the edge over competitors everywhere; even in the weirdest of places."

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PhilipLarkin2309d ago

Lolz - the way he sort jiggles when he shoots is great =P

Trunkz Jr2309d ago

Yes, Alpha glitches, what did you expect?

PhilipLarkin2309d ago

But usually glitches are unsightly. This is funny.

egidem2309d ago

Best part is seeing an enemy run towards you with no arms or a gun and then you just laugh your ass off, then he shoots you in the face with the invisible gun and invisible arms.

lil Titan2308d ago

Its Bob Oblong before he lost his legs

doctorstrange2309d ago

I couldn't shoot him, he looks so armless

Pin-Pin-Ire2309d ago

Doesn't look much different BFBC 2.

Cpt_kitten2309d ago

the alpha what do you expect the full retail game?

SJPFTW2309d ago

lol then i guess you have to get your eyes checked, the alpha build looks 10 times better than bc2. Animations, lighting, particle effects, textures etc.

Motorola2309d ago

It doesn't look 10 times better, its ALPHA. It looks better but not TEN times. I am playing it and I agree, it feels like BC2, but who cares its fun.

Hazmat132309d ago

dont shoot! im unarmed!

Adexus2309d ago

Lmao, that made my night, thank you good sir!

Hazmat132309d ago

wait everyone loves my comment? *jumps in the air* YA!!!

PhilipLarkin2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Killed it.

(Jokes =P. Bubbles for you)

hilyou2309d ago

yep this made my day! bubbles 4 u funny sir!

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The story is too old to be commented.