Magic fizzles from Deathly Hallows Part 2 game. What went wrong?

Bad scores aren’t unusual for licensed games that debut at the same time as the movie, but it’s a shame when it’s based on such a coveted franchise.

So, what went wrong with “Deathly Hallows — Part 2?” Similar to the “Deathly Hallows — Part 1,” there are a few major issues, ranging from concept and execution to brevity and (lack of) replayability.

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NoobJobz2425d ago

Problem with all these games is they are based on the movies. Should have ignored the movies and been based on the books.

Rainstorm812425d ago

Its a movie based game, which normally has a short development time and less funding than your avg game....

Whats the surprise?

Electroshocked2425d ago

I would like a sandbox/open world Harry Potter game, just like The Order of the Phoenix with all 7 parts of the series in the game, that would be amazing.

MiyagiSPG2425d ago

Maybe this will be considered now as all the Harry Potter films are finished. The developers could be given more freedom such as using the book as well as the film and having overall more time and budget to work on the game, meaning a totally awesome Harry Potter game with more and more :)!

Electroshocked2425d ago

Yes, imagine a huge, detailed Hogwarts to explore with loads of secrets, loads of non repetitive side missions and also being able to watch Harry, Ron and Hermione grow up throughout the game. Seriously, this would be my dream.

kramun2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

The game just wasn't made very well. It's that simple.

LeonhartX2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

the ps1 version was amazing...:D