Limbo Hidden Egg Trophy Guide: Video Walkthrough (

Having problems finding all 10 of the hidden eggs and unlocking the trophies in Limbo? Check out this video guide for all the hidden eggs in the game and there is also a chapter list that will point you to each level where they are located in case you are missing a specific trophy/egg. Don't worry there's only commentary at the start of the video.

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rrquinta2551d ago

This reminds me I need to buy a PSN card so I can get it before the price goes up for PSN+ members...

paybackprahl2551d ago

Can't wait to try this game! Another digital game making headlines is a sign of change in the industry.

t0mmyb0y2551d ago

Awesome game. Glad it finally came to PSN

Fel082551d ago

I recently got this game, and I'm glad I did. One of the best puzzle games I've ever played. Totally worth it.