MonsterVine: Prototype 2 Preview

MonsterVine: "At its core, Prototype 2 remains true to its foundation but feels refined and polished than its predecessor."

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FCOLitsjustagame2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

Cool, I just started playing the first one again. I thought maybe I had a good time with it last time because there was nothing else to play and that my memory was overrating it. But no, I still think it is one fun game to play. In fact I was wondering if there were any spiderman games that made traveling through the city as fun as the original prototype.

While replaying the first game I also wondered how they would "weaken" mercer to restart a new sequel but I see they are bringing in a new character. I bet there is a twist somewhere in the story that makes Mercer not necessarily the evil guy they think...but then again this was all his fault if I remember right (need to get to the end again).

I am a little concerned that they are "focusing more on one on one battles" and getting rid of the "overwhelming" situations. I can't say as I felt that overwhelmed in any part of the game except the last one on one fight. I hope they don't rip out too much of the fun in trying to make it less confusing i guess... for the casual player. I mean its not exactly a hard core ninja giaden type game anyway. i play for fun and had tons of it on the normal setting. Wasnt too hard or too easy but just right.

UnSelf2579d ago

good post

this is arguably my favorite game from this gen

MonsterVine2579d ago

Well tightening up the combat was one thing Radical focused on for the sequel, they designed the targeting system to be a lot more fluid and representative of "one on one battles" with a better lock-on reticule, of course you're still fighting mutliple enemies at once but it's just less chaotic, from what I saw.